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DD's natural hospital birth story

I somehow managed to have two natural hospital births with both DD's.  Both were "surprise"s so I was excited to find out we were having a second daughter. 

Part of this is a PSA, just FYI. 

I had my first real contraction on Saturday morning (8-20) @ 6am (I was 40w and 2d).  It was pretty minor so I didn't think much of it.  But my DD1's birth was pretty quick so I didn't discount it either.  My contractions came pretty consistently at 15 minutes apart.  They got stronger over time but were very manageable.  I took a walk, played with DD, paid bills, etc. 

My contractions went from 15 minutes apart to 8 minutes apart probably around 1:30.  Again, they were getting stronger so I had to stop and concentrate during them but the in-between timewas fine.  i had casually mentioned to my DH that i'd been having contractions but I don't think he was really listening : )

I laid down with DD1 for a nap but it got too hard to just lay still during them so at 3 pm, I told my DH to lay down with her because it hurt too much for me.  He didn't realize it was my contractions getting stronger.  He thought my hips/ back just hurt (b/c DD's bed is not comfortable at all).  So he went in with her.  At this point, the contrax were 2 minutes apart and pretty tough but again, not unbearable. 

PSA: I *should* have said, lets' call the doula/ dr. / parents at this point... but I did not.  I should have listened to my body.  Some births do go fast and it's good to acknowledge this.  Do not ignore this fact!!

At 4pm, I was really really really uncomfortable and could barely talk but I knew DD needed a nap so I didn't want to wake her up (dumb) so I let DH stay with her.  Thankfully she came out andhad to go to thebathroom and I told my hubby that we needed to call the appropriate people.  my parents came and got DD at 4:30.  We couldn't get ahold of the doula.  I thought she might be at a birth.  So we called the dr.  He told us to get to the hospital quickly (Based on DD1's birth).  So we high tailed it there in the throes of transition.  Not cool.  It was rough.  But I made it.  Some other PATIENTS at the hospital found me a wheel chair and my DH took me up to L&D.  It's now 5pm.  Some other people got in the elevator with us and picked the 2nd floor.  I just needed to get to the third floor.  I was ready to scream at them.  And the [email protected] door wouldn't close.  Like they couldn't see I was in the rough part of labor???  anyway... I get up thereand I'm (Admittedly) begging for the epidural.  Still no doula or dr.  But it was too late.  I was already fully dilated and ready to push apparently.  SO after a few quick pushes with some random residents/ nurses- out came my lovely little girl.  I was ecstatic that I made it. She's a little one but holy crap... it still hurt. (5lbs 5 oz). 

My doula never called.  My dr. missed the birth and unfortunately I feel a little disappointed about the experience.  Talk about messed up hormones, right?!  I'm just a little annoyed w/ myself for not speaking up early enough to have the right support.  I wasn't fighting medical interventions.  I only needed to talk to my HUSBAND.  Turns out I had the doula's home # in my phone, not her cell and she was out.  <sigh>  So, my lack of listening to my body and proper planning kind of sabotaged me. I am thrilled with my little girl and just adore her but we're only have 2 kids so this was it.  No more pregnancies for me. 

I'm chalking this up to hormones.  I know how lucky I am to have had two natural births and I'm happy about that.  I just need some more time to pass to get a better perspective.

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  • Congratulations! That sounds like a wonderful birthing experience and I'm glad everything went so smoothly. I know it's not quite what you had in mind but being able to manage the contractions on your own for the majority of labor and then being so much farther along that you realized when you arrived at the hospital sounds like your body was fully cooperating through out the whole thing and that is trully a blessing. Congrats!!
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  • That sounds like an ideal birth to me.  Sorry you fill a little disappointed.  Congratulations!
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