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Time Commitment re: Bradley Method

My husband and I are moving this Thursday to a bigger place to make room for baby. Last week was our first week trying out all the exercise & diet recommendations. We complied about 50% with the exercises & relaxation homework and I was about 60-70% in compliance with the dietary recommendations, although the first week the instructor said to focus mostly on protein counts, in which case I was 6/7.

It was our first week and we were adjusting, getting used to the new daily rhythm and I really want to do better this week but we're moving on Thursday and I'm not confident it wil be much better this week.

Anyone else struggle with fitting it all in? Any tips other than "make a commitment"?

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Re: Time Commitment re: Bradley Method

  • We had a very successful Bradley birth and definitely didn't fulfill everything I think any week! I think you should do what you can and stay nice and relaxed. One thing I would focus on would be the relaxation (maybe pick the three you like the most and rotate practicing those). Another would be kegels! Do them! They're so helpful.
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  • It sounds like you are doing really well considering how busy you are. We are in week 5 and are still struggling to fit it all in. The nutrition for me is going pretty well, but when it comes to meditation/relaxation and the various exercises, I can't do them all each day in the numbers that Bradley recommends. I just do the best I can but make sure I at least do a little each day (squat while brushing teeth, squeeze in exercises right before I start getting ready for work, etc.)

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  • i delivered the bradley method but didn't do any classes...we read the book and researched online. we aren't big into group things and preferred to learn on own. you'll do great! :)

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