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BF question-

How long does your baby BF on each side?
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Re: BF question-

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    Almost always 15-20 mins on the first side, second side as little as 10 minutes as much as 15-20.  Although right now he is in a growth spurt so as much as I can tolerate :c)

    Sometimes he'll go less on a side and I figure he's full and knows his needs.  If I push the issue he seems to spit up.

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    About 10-20 mins on each side.
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    D: Born 7.14.11
    Baby #2: BFP 9.19.12, EDD 5.24.13, natural m/c 10.19.13 at 9w
    O: Born 3.2.14 (med-free!)
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    About 10-20 minutes on one side...I do only one side 90% of the time.
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    Same as most above-- 10 - 15 min per side.. Usually less on the 2nd side- so I always switch what side I start on.

    This, but usually 15-20 minutes per side for me and LO. 

    // I love you too. //

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    15-20 on one side then i switch to the other side. he's usually done 10-20 minutes later. next feeding i start on the side i was last on the switch off.
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