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Just broke down and tested...BFN

So I am 14 dpiui, and my beta is supposed to be wed unless I get AF.  No AF yet, just some spotting last Thursday and Friday.  So, I broke down and tested today and BFN.  I think at this point, it's pretty safe to say that AF will be here tonight/tomorrow and there will be no beta for me, right?  I used the Topcare brand of test.  It is super nice to see all the BFP's today! Gives me hope :)
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Re: Just broke down and tested...BFN

  • I'm sorry, I am hoping you get a beta on Wednesday and it says BFP!
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  • Fingers crossed that it was too early and Wed brings good news!
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  • I'm sorry :(  Hopefully it's just too early.
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  • So I'm a newb to IF lingo.... Can someone tell me what a beta is? & I'm sorry for your BFN :(:(
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  • Beta is the test for the blood HCG level.
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