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Natural Birth

??? Natural Birth Due Date Check-In ???

Here's your weekly due date check-in. If you'd like to be added, post below with your EDD, place of birth, birthing method and team (green, blue or pink). Let's get to know each other better!


QOTW: What sort of supplements to you take while you are pregnant? Is it different then what you do when you aren?t?


Give us any other updates, news or random thoughts you?d like to share!


If you've had your baby and have a birth story, please post a link and I'll hyperlink it.



Birth Announcements

? FyshWyfe gave birth to Amelia Bliss on July 24th! Birth Story Here

? laurasuzanne gave birth to Jocelyn Brielle

? beedale862003 gave birth to Evan Zachary on Aug. 18th! Birth Story Here

? ShannonMacHappy gave birth to Finnegan John on July 26th! Birth Story Here

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Congratulations to our newest mommas!


Please think happy thoughts for?

? christinaramirez08 who was recently diagnosed with GD



August Poppies ?

Abell77 ? Aug 2 ?Hospital? Bradley

Alliapistor ? Aug 23 ?Hospital? Bradley

Ashg8r ? Aug 8 ?Home ?Bradley

Beedale862003 ? Aug 26 ? Hospital? Bradley

Chickadeejay ? Aug 18? Hospital ? Hypnobirth

Chillyupnorth? Aug 12 ?Hospital ?

ctygrlstl ? Aug 10 ? Hospital ? HypnoBirth & Bradley

Duckieer ? Aug 15 ?Hospital ? Bradley

Hooker82 ? Aug 21 ? Hospital ?

JaysonandKristin ? Aug25? Hospital ? Hypnobirthing

[email protected] ? Aug14 ?Hospital ? HypnoBabies

Jsabouh ? Aug 28?Birthing Center ? Bradley

Kbk84 ? Aug 17 ?Hospital

Littlepoppyseed ? Aug 3

Mantle ? Aug 2 ?Home-Waterbirth ? HypnoBabies

Mcatmay ? Aug 2 ? Hospital ? HypnoBabies

Missjilly1025 ? Aug 15? Home-Waterbirth

MrsS2203 ? Aug 5 ?Hospital ? Bradley

Nillian10 ? Aug 29 ?VBAC

Queenalexandra ? Aug 4?Hospital

Rakayla ? Aug 12 ?Hospital

Ripli ? Aug 18 ?Hospital?water birth ? Hypnobirth

SarahPLiz ? Aug 27?Hospital ? Bradley

StefandTodd ? Aug 25?Hospital ? Bradley

Tiffyspiffy1012 ? Aug28? Hospital ? Bradley

Vivivoom ? Aug 5 ?Hospital? HypnoBabies

Zach&Kelly? Aug 10 ?Hospital


September Sweet Peas ?

Bluerevolution9 ? Sept. 5th ? Home-Waterbirth

Bre86ann ? Sept. 9th ? Hospital ? Bradley

CateB95 ? Sept. 22nd ? Hospital--MW ?

Corbin30 ? Sept. 20th ?Hospital ?

CurbsideProphet ? Sept. 7th ? Hospital--MW ? Bradley

Emolm ? Sept. 1st ?Hospital? Bradley

Forever412 ? Sept. 7th ?Hospital

heateacher ? Sept. 21st ? Hospital w/ MW ? Water Birth

jaymiegerard ? Sept. 3rd ?Home-Waterbirth ? Birthing from Within/Hypnobabies

JenniferAnnes ? Sept. 29th ? Hospital ? Bradley

JosephsSweetie ? Sept. 10th ? Hospital Waterbirth w/ Doula

Jscagcia ? Sept. 22nd ?Hospital

Kimmyis ? Sept. 10th ? Home? Hypnobirthing

Laurasuzanne2006 ? Sept. 1st ? Home ? Bradley

LadyBugLove7 ? Sept. 6th  ? Hospital ? Bradley

Marettie ? Sept. 29th ?Hospital ? Hypnobabies

Marriedtoeric ? Sept. 19th ?Birth Center

MissyOlivePants ? Sept. 1st ? HypnoBabies

Moxie9 ? Sept. 2nd ? Home ?Bradley

Picksthemusic ? Sept 15th ? Hospital ? Brio Birth

Tartara623 ? Sept. 1st ?Hospital-MW

Trishes ? Sept. 22nd ?Hospital ? Bradley

Veronicafvr ? Sept. 9th ? Birth Center-Water ? Hypnobirthing/Mongan Method

Windsongs ? Sept. 27th ?Hospital ? Hypnobabies


October PreciousPumpkins ?

ADL2010 ? Oct. 20 ?Hospital--CNM ? Bradley

BrittAnnie19 ? Oct. 21 ?Hospital ? Hypnobirthing

Ceridwen21 ? Oct. 2?Hospital--MW ? Hypnobirthing

Cfitz16 ? Oct. 19?Hospital ? natural of some sort

Chanels26 ? Oct. 17 ?Hospital? natural of some sort

christinaramirez08 ? Oct. 21st ? Hospital ? Bradley

forensicmama ? Oct. 27?Hospital--MW

FrauElyse ? Oct. 8th  ? Hospital ?

Gkmacdon ? Oct. 4?Hospital Birthing Center--MW ? general natural

Jeannkerricotober ? Oct7? Hospital ? Bradley

Katiestrange ? Oct 2? Hospital? Bradley

KrisM86 ? Oct 10 ? Birth Center ? Hypnobirthing

MamaZbo ? Oct 9 ? Hospital ? Bradley

PansyPants ? Oct 17? Birth Center (attached to Hospital) ? Bradley

Peoples0509 ? Oct 8 ? Hospital? HypnoBabies

Shac4688 ? Oct 29 ? Home--Waterbirth

SpinningJess ? Oct 14 ? Birth Center ? Twins!

Sunburn19 ? Oct 3 ? Home?Waterbirth


November AdorableAcorns ?

Avalie ? Nov 20 ?Birth Center ? Bradley?

CheriCO ? Nov 22 ? Birth Center

DrO ? Nov. 19 ?Hospital ?Bradley

Erica ? Nov ????Hospital-MW ? VBAC

giamarie05 ? Nov. 19th ? Hosptial ? VBAC ? Bradley

jenporter72410 ? Nov. 6th ? Hospital ? Bradley

lalavvv ? Nov. 11 ? Bradley

MarleyMama ? Nov. 14 ? Home--waterbirth

MawrtyrB ? Nov. 24th ? Birth Center ? Bradley

mhickey12 ? Nov. 22nd  ? Home Birth ?

MorrowMom ? Nov. 25th ? Hospital ? Bradley

MrsCaddyshack ? Nov. 11 ?Hospital ? Bradley

mrsdugger ? Nov. 14th ? Hospital ? HypnoBirth

MrsFweather ? Nov. 21 ? Hospital

MrsNash37212 ? Nov. 1 ? Hospital with doula

Ms. Jade ? Nov. 3 ? Hospital birthing center---MW

Novlove11 ? Nov. 11? Hospital ? Husband-coached mix of Bradley & Lamaze w/ yoga breathingmethods

PhCaulfield ? Nov. 17 ? Birthing Center

Raechel25? Nov. 29 ? Birthing Center ?Hypnobirthing/ Waterbirth

Rachaelski ? Nov. 2 ? Home-Waterbirth

Rubycitrine  ? Nov. 22 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Saranghey ? Nov. 24th ? Birthing Center ? Hypnobabies

Sccalla  ? Nov. 16 ? Birthing Center ? Waterbirth

Smilelari ? Nov. 14th ? Hospital-MW

Smile Steady  ? Nov. 27th ? Hospital ? Bradley


December Gifts ?

Bfab11? Dec. 31st ?Home ?Bradley

cdmiesuk ? Dec. 25th ? Birth Center ?

Checkrdtop ? Dec. 15th ? BirthingCenter ? Bradley

Conniebird ? Dec. 11th ? Hospital

elabarr ? Dec. 29th ? Birthing Center?

Fletcha ? Dec. 15th ? Hospital

GoldenPeaches ?Dec. 10th ? BirthCenter

HazelBee22 ? Dec. 8th ? Hospital ?

indiana101  ? Dec. 16th  ? Home Birth ? Water Birth

InfamousQBert ? Dec. 5th ? Birthing Center ? Bradley

Klafle3? Dec. 22nd ? Hospital/ Waterbirth--CNM ? HypnoBabies

KScheibe12 ? Dec. 27th ? Hospital ? Bradley

MissAmber23 ? Dec. 5th ? MW

NeubieMom ? Dec. 18th ? Birth Center ? Bradley/Brio

PV0105 ? Dec. 6th ?

seansbabygirrl ? Dec. 20th ? Hospital ? Bradley


January Beginnings 

Caramel hottie ? Jan. 5th ?Home ? ?

danijara  ? Jan. 3rd ? Hospital ?

erinwhitney1979 ? Jan. 13th ? Homebirth ?

GeekMom ? Jan. 31st ? Hospital ?                                                                                                                                                 

Haley.Beth ? Jan. 11th ? Hospital ? Meditation

Huahine ? Jan. 3rd ? HypnoBirthing

KatieLouise ? Jan. 30th ? Hospital ?

kerryholmes ? Jan. 12th ? Water Birth ?

LibraryChica ? Jan. 3rd ? Hospital ? Bradley

lilnightmusic ? Jan. 17th ? Hospital ? Bradley

LittleMissGreenEyes ? Jan. 6th ? Hospital ? HypnoBirth

MAMAxB ? Jan. 6th ?Hospital? Bradley

Rugerkitt ? Jan. 31st ? Hospital ? Hypnobabies


February  Lovebugs ?

AndieM ? Feb. 9th ? Hospital ? Hypnobirth

bethanyturon ? Feb. 3rd ? Birthing Center ? Water Birth

Heathergirl89 ? Feb. 9th ? Hospital ? Bradley

JessieJH ? Feb.10th ? Birthing Center ?



Re: ??? Natural Birth Due Date Check-In ???

  • I'm taking the GNC prenatal pack (vitamin, calcium, DHA) which is the same thing I'd take if I wasn't pregnant. It's the only vitamin I can tolerate when I'm not pregnant so I thought it would be crazy to try to switch.



    Update: Still pregnant. I'm getting really impatient.  

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  • i took a bunch of things when i was pregnant:


    grapefruit extract or vitamin C*

    vitamin E




    EPO (after 34 weeks)

    *take while not pregnant as well

    i took other things from time to time, but i can't remember now.

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  • I'm only taking a prenatal multivitamin.

    Sometimes, I remember to eat some wheat germ with breakfast, but I do that when I'm not pregnant as well.


  • I can't remember the name of them, but they're these delicious gummy (vegetarian) prenatal vitamins. They've filled a void that's been missing since the Flinstone vitamins of my childhood (jeez, those things were like crack to me). I'm also taking some iron supplements and papaya enzymes. Non-pregnant me doesn't take anything and *tries* to get all nutrition from food.
  • I take the Nature Made PreNatal, plus, Vit C, folic acid, and either the Ca/Mg/Zinc combo or Calcium and Mg seperate. I need the Mg for my leg cramps. I'm really bad about remembering to take them.  I figure the extra folic acid since the OTC prenatals have less to begin with and since I miss them fairly often, a little extra folic acid here and there wouldn't hurt.

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  • I'm still here, but was due last Tuesday.

    Pregnant - I have been taking a gummy prenatal and towards the end iron.  For the last week or so, I have been taking EPO.

    Non-pregnant - I take a gummy multi-vitamin and Vitamin D.

  • I have prenatal vitamins and folic acid supplements.  I have been taking prenatals for over 2 years because I have been pregnant, breastfeeding and pregnant again.  I started the folic acid in April, 2 months before I got pregnant.  Right now, I am taking 2 children's gummies, the folic acid and a DHA gummies.  They stay down best with my all day nausea...
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  • I don't remember the name of my prenatals right now, and I totally fail at taking them regularly ::ties string on finger::

    We are team pink, and *may* have a hospital birth (still using Bradley), so our birthplace is undecided ATM. Dang insurance and millions of hoops to jump through.


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  • Dec 17, 2011 * Birth Center * Bradley * Team Green!

    Supplements: Prenatal Vitamin, DHA pill, and Vitamin D3(my bloodwork showed dangerously low Vit D so I'm taking extra on top of the prenatal)

    Random thoughts: recently got off the waitlist for my local Birth Center and I'm really excited for my first appointment!

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  • I take the Rainbow Light prenatals and probiotics daily.   Otherwise I spend a lot of time focusing on my diet to get what I need- I eat a lot of leafy greens and at least 80 grams of protein a day.  

    When I feel like I am coming down with a cold I take VIt. C and a echinacea. 

    I asked my MW about taking fish oil because I saw a lot of people on here talking about it, but she said that there has been no studies that show it does any good and one study that showed that it made the babies heads bigger.  Lily's head was big enough TYVM, so I decided to skip it.  

     Edit-   Oh, and I had my 16 week apt. today- baby is looking great and scheduled my a/s for the 16th of September.  This will most likely be our only u/s this pregnancy, so I am pretty excited to see the little babe. 

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  • image Marettie:


    Hi ladies,


    I've been lurking here a bit and am excited to join you.



    Hospital Birthing Center (with midwife)

    Unsure of method

    Team Green (for now)

    EDD: 4/25/11 


    QOTW: What sort of supplements to you take while you are pregnant? Is it different then what you do when you aren?t?


    I had just started taking gummy vitamins and calcium supplements when I got a surprise positive.  I'm now taking a prenatal and a fish oil caplet in addition to my calcium gummies.   





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  • image moxie9:
    I can't remember the name of them, but they're these delicious gummy (vegetarian) prenatal vitamins. They've filled a void that's been missing since the Flinstone vitamins of my childhood (jeez, those things were like crack to me). I'm also taking some iron supplements and papaya enzymes. Non-pregnant me doesn't take anything and *tries* to get all nutrition from food.

    You aren't alone in this feeling. I often look at them when I get my DHA's and wish I didn't have the big bottle at home!

    I never took anything before I was pg. I would try to take a multi-vitamin, but always seemed to get sick and just never really tried that hard to find one that didn't make me sick (should have bought some Flinstones)

    Now I take Target brand pre-natals, the Target DHA pills, and 2 RRLT pills a day. I plan on going and getting some EPO, but I'm still a little intimidated by that. I also, heard that there is a last month preperation pill that I was going to go check out at my natural food store, but we'll see.


  • QOTW: What sort of supplements to you take while you are pregnant? Is it different then what you do when you aren?t? I am taking Fish Oil and prenatals.  I don't normally take prenatals, but I have been taking fish oil for years.


    My due date is January 12th, I am tentatively team blue (couldn't get a good shot) and I am hoping to do a Water birth in a hospital. 

    My little goofball born 1/2012
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  • I take a prenatal multi- vitamin and for the past month have been taking extra calcium to help with contractions that I have.  I also drink a prenatal infusion tea daily that is made of red rasberry leaf, alfalfa, stinging nettle and oat straw.  I drink 1 liter of the tea (cold) a day as per my MW instructions.  Its a great tea.  When I was having nausea I also added some peppermint to it. 

    I am really hoping that I will get to add myself to that list of new mommas soon!  

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  • I take a fiber supplement, I take a higher dose while pregnant.
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  • I take Rainbow Light prenatals and a calcium supplement. I try to add flaxseed to my diet whenever possible and try to eat at least 75 grams of protein per day.

    When not pregnant I typically take a basic multi and a calcium supplement.

    Week 5 of Bradley is underway, so I'm trying to squat, kegel and pelvic rock as much as I can with an 8-5 office job. 

    We have another ultrasound this Friday, which I am excited about. It has been a while since our last one, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the LO has been developing.

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  • I've been taking Pure prenatals, along with RRL tea (and now adding EPO).  Pre-TTC, I was taking flinstones vitamins.  During TTC, I was taking a whole bunch of supplements.  The list might make me seem obsessed...

    Other updates:  We made it to full term!  I also found out this week that I'm GBS-, so the birth center won't need a hep lock on me, and I get 48 hours to be in very active labor from the time my water breaks (if it breaks spontaneously) instead of the 18-20 I'd get if I were GBS+ (before needing to supplement labor with drugs or induce and require a hospital transfer).  So things are really looking positive for the birth center birth we're hoping for!  I was also told to add EPO this week--1000mg, 2x/day orally + 1000 mg at bedtime vaginally.  The midwife suggested increasing the amount I take orally each week until I deliver, and suggested that I start taking the Suki Roth labor tincture (she's a local herbalist) in addition to RRL tea x 4 cups/day.  I love that we're finally at this point! 

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    We'll always remember our angel baby: BFP 9/24/10, M/C 10/23/10 8w4d
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