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How long did you stay on bottles?

Our girls are 11 months old tomorrow. We are still on Neosure. We are getting off that at 1 year old and switching to toddler formula- that was the plan anyway at 9 month appointment. hopefully that hasnt changed.

our girls are small like 15 1/2 and 16 1/2 lbs, born weighing 2 and 3 lbs and just don't gain that fast.

they are starting to really like real table food which is exciting but still have 5, 5 oz bottles a day and I was just wondering how long you had bottles with your LO's and how many a day.

I hate to try and cut back b/c we need the calories b/c they are so small.

Any info would be great!

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Re: How long did you stay on bottles?

  • I was thinking of posting this same question today.
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  • great minds think alike! our girls are is so close. our bday is 9/30, what's yours?

    tell me about your girls?

    how much do they weigh? how often did they eat and what are they eating?

    not trying to be annoying trying to know your info- just nice to have someone else right along with me..

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  • My b/g twins were born @ 32w weighing 4 lbs 9 oz and 4 lbs.  They wouldn't eat table food until over 13 mo so they stayed on bottles until then.  They would eat baby food so I just kept offering table food until one day they decided they liked it better.  They both had reflux and were still on meds also.  DD had a milk protein allergy so we switched to whole milk slowly by mixing a little more and more into their formula.
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  • My girls were born @ 32 weeks on 9/10, 4.5lbs each with a 2 months NICU stay, due to breathing issues and (my burden in life!) eating issues.

    They weigh between 15 and 16 lbs now (just like your girls!) Due to reflux and a feeding aversion they have been slow to gain, but seem happy and now are crawling all over and Peyton is pulling up on everything, so they seem to be developing okay IMO.

    Right now they have 5-6 bottles a day... we just switched to formula about 3 weeks ago (I am a retired EP'er).

    7:00 am -bottle (we offer 4 oz, they rarely finish it)

    8:30 am- breakfast (today was toast with cream cheese, nectarine and yogurt)

    11:30 am- bottle (we offer 4 oz, they rarely finish it)

    1:00 pm- lunch

    4:00 pm- bottle (7 oz... this is usually one of our more successfully bottles, they usually take 5-7 oz)

    5:00 pm- supper

    Sometimes we will do a bottle around 6:30-7:00... offer 7 oz again, but lately we haven't been giving it... seems so close to meals and bedtime, but I wonder if we should be keeping it?

    7:30 pm- snack

    9:00 bottle (7 oz... usually they take 5-7 oz, but lately it's been a struggle)

    We do a dream feed before DH and I go to bed and we offer 7 oz, and they usually take 5-7 oz then too.

    Brynn in particular has been really refusing bottles lately, crying and turning and sometimes not taking a sip at all. I give them sippy cups throughout the day with water or water/juice, but they don't seem to take that much. Same with WCM which I give sometimes with meals. Brynn does eat a lot of yogurt, but it seems like most other foods are sucked on and spit back out. 

    It's hard to know if they are getting enough solid food, or if the formula fills them up more than the BM did... They are still peeing and pooping, but I am really wondering if this is just the natural transition to solid foods, or if I should be re-evaluating their reflux  meds and looking into some more feeding help.

    Guess we will just have to wait and see!

    (BTW: I notice that I have A LOT of the same questions as you... I always seem to be able to relate to your posts!)

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  • We switched to cow's milk at 1 yr adjusted - he did not catch on to the sippy cup at all.  Finally at 15 1/2 months adjusted we took away his bottle cold turkey and he eventually caught on to a straw cup...
  • pizzo- I can totally relate to it being your burden in life. OMG it stressed me soo much. I am starting to get better with it b/c I feel like my girls are wanting more real food and for some reason its seems that they are doing better with bottles too.

    We eat at 630, 1030, 130, 430 and last bottle at 730 and then they hit the sack. they normally sleep all night until 630. occasionally they wake for a bottle but not lately.

    I am so glad to have someone who REALLY understands exactly what we go through. Our girls are both pulling up and Olivia lets go all the time while standing. They can circle the coach and beds walkign around them so I think we are pretty good on track.

    PM me anytime and let's talk! Nice to have another mother going through this too!

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  • We switched to cows milk at one year adjusted, but it was a gradual switch.  She then wouldn't take too much milk out of a cup, so she just finally went off bottles a month ago when she started drinking larger amounts of milk by cup.  I was so worried about her not getting the calories and nutrition from the milk. 
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  • My son is 15.5 actual (13 months adjusted) and we are still doing 1 7 oz bottle of milk in a.m., one 7 ounce a little before bed and I am working very hard to get him to take an additional 10 ounces a day in a straw or sippy cup.  While he is good with sippy, he just does not take enough milk on own.  I think tonight I am going to cut out bottle and just hold sippy while he drinks to get him used to it at night,  When he turned one I had him down to 4 6-7 oz whole milk bottles a day, and then around a month later I got him down to 3.  I always offer him milk at meals in sippy and sometimes he takes 1-3 oz on own,.
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  • lo will be 15mo actual on sept 3. he was 10 wks early.

    we started to transition him to milk 2 weeks before his 1 yr adjusted date. we then went cold turkey on the bottle and went for the sippy (only cause i knew he was able to drink from it, he just wouldn't if a bottle was an option). 

    At his actual 1 yr bday he was on 3 bottles a day (6-7 oz), and is still doing 3 sippys, but doesn't finish all the time.

    he does get yogurt through the day too, since he doesn't seem to want to finish his milk all of the time. and he get water to drink thru the day too.

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