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3rd Trimester

Mucus plug or semen?

If there's no blood, how do you tell the difference between some mucus plug or semen discharge?

I had posted a bit of a scare I had on a pregnancy app for my phone, and 2 ladies said it was most likely semen, but the consistency was definitely not like semen.

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Re: Mucus plug or semen?

  • either way, keep in mind you can lose your mucus plug and grow it back! 
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  • Even if it was a bit of mucus plug, it's not the end of the world.  Some ladies lose theirs very early on and have it regenerate itself.  Generally if there is no blood and it does not accompany any other signs of labour (i.e. water breaking, contractions, etc.), then you are fine and will likely get to experience the joy of the mucus plug again this pregnancy. 



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  • Phew...I've even been going through scenarios of "what if baby comes early". No one wants to spend their first few weeks of life with tubes.

    Just 10 more weeks at least, pleeeease.

    lol @ experience the joy of mucus plug again. It's pretty interesting looking, if that was my plug. I'll say that much.


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  • I would say if you had sex within the last few days it is probably semen.  I have mucus every day pretty much...but the next day after SO and I have sex I seem to have a glob of stuff.  My Dr said it is just semen, and my vagina cleaning itself.
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  • um..mucus plug? what is that?  
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  • when you lose your mucous plug , there will be blood. hence why they call it the bloody show. doesnt mean alot of blood and the blood can even look more brown then bright. but in my experince everyone has blood alongside thick very thick mucus discharge and for me it was alot of it .
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