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Pediatrician Recommendations?

Hi!  I have one name from a friend so far for a pediatrician.  Just wondering who you are using!  I live in Hilliard so the closer to that the better!  Thanks!
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Re: Pediatrician Recommendations?

  • We see John Heintz at TriVillage in Grandview.  It's close to 670 & 33 (Riverside dr.).  Not exactly in Hilliard, but not too far.  Our next door neighbors go there as well.  I've heard great things about all 3 doctors...


  • I use Pediatric Physicians, Dr. Breen for my 12 year old son and 1 month new daughter. My son and I like him. They are in Hilliard.

  • Rainbow Pediatrics is awesome. They have two offices - we go to the New Albany office, the other is in Dublin. We love Dr. Jeff!



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  • Rainbow Pediatrics, I went there an my son does too.  I had Dr. Anne Rogers, and my son has Dr. Wahida Abaza.  They are both amazing docs
  • I live in Hilliard and we are going to Emerald Pediatrics in Dublin (right across from Tuttle Mall). We've only been once, for Jacob's newborn check-up and we couldn't be more pleased with our experience. We chose Dr. Parson's because of her laid back personality, but all of the ladies seem remarkable!
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  • I also recommend Rainbow Pediatrics. We go to the New Albany office and see Dr. Tyler. He is Dr. Ann's (the head doctor of the Dublin office) son. We also like Dr. Jeff. He's kinda quirky but nice and very intelligent!
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