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Everyone OK from Irene?

Just outside DC here - wasn't bad - power flickered, a few branches fell and DD was up from 2-5:15 (she was scared of the noise), but otherwise everything is fine.  Hope everyone else is faring well! 

Re: Everyone OK from Irene?

  • We are outside of DC too. We slept through the night but it was noisy. Our power flickered too but really it was no problem. So glad, now we can just eat all of the goodies without all of the hassle ;)
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  • We're also outside of DC.  Just a few limbs down in the backyard.  We all slept through the night and didn't hear anything so I don't know if there were any big winds or not out here.
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  • We are a county or two outside DC and all is well here.  No power outage, no downed trees.  Just some strong wind that didn't seem to cause any damage.

    I know a few people who live closer in (and have above ground power lines) who are without power.  I hope everyone gets it restored quickly!


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  • We are okay in Vermont and very thankful. There has been some tremendous flooding in our area. Very sad.
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