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intro & ? re:SN preschool

Hi ladies, I've been lurking for quite awhile so I feel like I know most of you : ) Time to come out of the shadows I guess!

DS is 3.5 and has an undiagnosed neuro condition. His issues are gross & fine motor delays due to hypotonia. He's been worked up by neuro and a few others with the same outcome: no diagnosis,we're doing all the right therapies for the physical stuff, he'll likely catch up to his peers but always be clumsy & probably not the best at athletics etc. He has been in EI since 10mths receiving OT/PT and has since been enrolled in our local SN preschool.  He will get OT/PT twice a week. 

Other than his physical delays he is blissfully average : ) He has average speech with no delays. He's social,curious & bright.  His main issue now is the fine motor stuff....he becomes easily frustrated when he can't do something and will give up or ask to do something else. Which brings me to my question..

Do any of you have any suggestions for an easy to open lunch bag and thermos/cup for school? I want something that he can open himself and not get too frustrated with. As I type this I can almost hear his old OT (loved her) saying that the bag will be part of his therapy and should challenge him a bit : )

Thanks for reading and I'm sure I'll be back!

Re: intro & ? re:SN preschool

  • My son is also 3.5 and has some fine motor issues (ASD) and attends a SN preschool. DS can clumsily open his PBK lunch box. It's a zippered soft box that I really like; it's easy to clean as well. For a drink he can open a small water bottle (the kind with the nozzle that you pull up to open). However, I know DS' teachers do most of this for him- they prepare all the kids lunches at once and lay out all the food before them. Not a bad idea to get them doing it for themselves though!
  • I sent DD1 to summer preschool with a cheapo insulated bag that sealed with velcro. Really easy to open, and since she was only there 2.5 hours, her snack didn't need to stay cold very long.

    I don't have first-hand experience with these and the pics make it kind of hard to tell just how they open, but maybe check out Goodbyns? They have large and small ones, and that would eliminate the need for extra containers he would have to open. https://www.goodbyn.com/ 


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