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Baby Blues at 2 weeks??



I just had my second baby 2 weeks ago.  With my first son I had some baby blues for a couple of days but it passed pretty quickly.  Now with my second I am still weepy at 2 weeks.  I find that I cry most when talking to my mother and husband.  The two people who take care of me the most.  I also hate being away from them.  I am just weepy and do not have any of the other symptoms,.  The one thing that bothers me is most of the websites say that it goes away around day 10....anyone else have it last longer or is this potentially PPD?  I have had a few days that I am fine, but do cry easily.  I am also getting used to being home all day.  I am happy to be home on leave, but am so not used to being home this much.

Also does breastfeeding intensify this?  With my first I formula fed and with my second I am doing both,  Is that adding to my raging hormones?

I am going to chat with my doctor if I still feel weepy after the weekend, but figured I would post to see others experiances.  Thanks so much!

Re: Baby Blues at 2 weeks??

  • my symptoms were sever anxiety and lots of weeping.  And especially weeping when I was talking about my anxiety to my husband, mom or doctor.  I always felt worse when I was by myself (away from mom or husband).  My OB/GYN noticed I cried alot at all my follow up appointments with him, so he was watching for PPD and it made me and DH watch for it too.

    I didn't start treatment until 7 weeks, but for you - if it feels like it's getting worse instead of getting better, that may be a sign that it is more than just baby blues.

     I don't know if breastfeeding effected my PPD from a hormone standpoint.  my girl was a sloooow eater, so it just impacted my sleep.  And (lack of) sleep effected my PPD.

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  • I felt the same way this time that you do up until a little over 2 weeks with this last pregnancy. This time I started zoloft right after delivery with the hope that it would prevent it all together.  I have 3 kids now and with my first the "Blues"only lasted a week or so. With my second baby the "Blues" lasted for 3 weeks and went away the day after I started zoloft. (not sure if the drug kicked in that fast or if I was just getting better.)

     I was extremely weepy and cried pretty much all day. I also had terrible anxiety over EVERYTHING. I was scared to be alone and wanted my Husband and mom around all the time.

     For me, breastfeeding absolutely played a part in my depression. It didn't go very easily with any of them.  They wouldn't latch right so I tried pumping but after an hour of it I would only produce about 1 ounce. It was so discouraging. I am not sure if it was a coincidence or not but once I finally let it go and switched to formula was about the time I started to get better.

     Good luck and just know that you are not alone. PPD is so much more common than I ever knew. I know that it will get better for you. I think you are so smart to talk to your Dr. about it. 

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  • I totally feel your pain. We just had our first baby and we could not wait! But as soon as I got home, I was so sad. Missed my husband and what we were before. Missed being myself and not being as happy about our baby as I thought. I love her and she is wonderful but I had no idea how much this all took and it has me defeated and down. My husband does not know what to do which only makes me feel worse. Think I may start pumping to see if this helps. I do think BFing contributes a lot to it as I am frustrated with the latching and pain. I feel like a failure. Plus, I am so bored and antsy at home. SO jealous my husband can do all his normal routines. I am just sad. 
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