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What's your opinion? ***Update***

***Update*** GBS test results were negative. I firmly believe in the UK Midwife protocol of garlic pills a few weeks before a GBS test. This was recommended by my Doula and it worked. 



I just wanted to get some opinions and feedback regarding GBS from you ladies. I had my test today and do not get results back for 48 hours. I have a Doula whom advised me to take garlic pills to control or eliminate the GBS, which I did. So, hopefully, all those days that my husband had to tolerate my garlic breath will be worth it. :)

My question is, what did you do regarding time line for "reporting" to the hospital/BC if you were GBS +?? I asked the OB that I saw today about this. (I got to a practice with a few OBs and lots of MWs) She said that if my water broke, I would need to go to the hospital right away to get antibiotics. OK, no big deal, I thought. I understand that but I didn't want to stay afterwards. I literally live 8 minutes from the hospital. I asked her if I could go home after it was administered because I knew that it was given every 4 hours. She said that I would need to stay to be monitored because  it has to be given every 4 hours. I explained that I realized that but live close and would want to go home. She offered no other alternative to her initial answer. 

My plan has been to labor at home as long as possible....part of the reason I hired a Doula. What has been your experiences or advise you have received from your MWs regarding the "safe" time line after water breaking that you should get antibiotics for GBS?

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Re: What's your opinion? ***Update***

  • My MW wanted me to go in right away if my water broke.  Fortunately it didn't and I was able to labor at home as planned.
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  • I was GBS neg, but my water didn't break until we got to the hospital and I was fully dilated. It's really impossible to predict how your labour will go.
  • I was GBS neg, but my MW had to break my water while I was pushing. If you have a good diet (esp if you eat a good amount of protein), chances are your bag will hold for quite a while.
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  • I was GBS + and my water broke @ 930AM. We met our MW at the hospital @ 2:30PM started penicilin @ 3:30PM and pit @ 5:00PM. My MW explained to me that for GBS+ women who have their membranes rupture and start antibiotic prophylaxis, they aren't as lenient in their time frame for allowing you to labor on your own because the longer you are on antibiotics, the more all of your good bacterial flora is wiped out, and they don't want that.
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    I was GBS neg, but my MW had to break my water while I was pushing. If you have a good diet (esp if you eat a good amount of protein), chances are your bag will hold for quite a while.

    @ my MW practice they found a higher incidence of membrane ruptures in GBS+ women, I am not certain if there is any other data implying a correlation.  My just in the week I was due there were 3 other women who were GBS+ who had their water break at their office.

  • I did some research about GBS+ and found out that you can get a penicillan shot at ~36 weeks and it will stay in your system for 6 weeks, I think.  If I need antibiotics, I will ask for that because my last labor did not last 4 hours after I got to the hospital and my water broke about a minute before I started pushing.  (I was GBS-)
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  • I was GBS+ with DD. That was a looooong time ago so my memories are a little fuzzy, but I don't remember them necessarily wanting me at the hospital ASAP after my water broke. It's not like in the movies, where the baby is born minutes after water breaking Smile Obviously, if your water breaks and you immediately start contracting heavily, going to the hospital would be prudent, but for many women, their water breaks before regular contractions start up.

    As it turns out, it was a moot point for me, because I ended up having to be induced. My water broke very early in my induction, and they did start antibiotics immediately, but it wasn't a big deal because I was going to be in the hospital anyway! And I do remember the nurse checking with the OB to see whether she wanted to start me on antibiotics right away after my water broke -- so it wasn't like it was automatic, even in the hospital.

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    I was GBS neg, but my MW had to break my water while I was pushing. If you have a good diet (esp if you eat a good amount of protein), chances are your bag will hold for quite a while.

    I am going to disagree with this. I have never heard of this being the case and I had a good high protein diet during both of my pregnancies and my water broke at the onset of labor with both. So I think this is BS. 

    OP- if you are GBS+ then I would suggest going to the hospital when your water breaks. Those antibiotics are very important when your GBS+ and you never know if you will be one of those women who goes super fast and while that probably wont be the case you just never know. But don't stress too much about it most women are well into labor before their water breaks. I recall the statistic for spontaneous rupture being only about 10%. 

  • I have tested GBS+ and my midwife has advised me not to alter the original plan.  I'm supposed to follow the 5/1/1 formula before reporting to the hospital.  I am a first-time mom and she feels it's highly unlikely I'd be under 4 hours labor using that timeline, which gives us enough time for the minimum of two doses of antibiotics.

    I should probably add that if my water breaks prior to heading to the hospital, I plan to do the Hibiclens flush every four hours just to be safe.

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