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Pediatricians declining birth center babies

I posted about this in my birth month and I got good advice there, I'm just curious if any of you mommas have had trouble with a pediatrician refusing you as a patient because you birthed (or plan to birth) at a free standing birth center? 



Re: Pediatricians declining birth center babies

  • No, but there was some confusion as far as who was going to be doing the initial well-baby visits as my midwives do those, but the pedi was also wanting to do them.  We got it all worked out and the pedi just saw her for her 2 week, while the midwives did the 3 day and 1 week visits.  But it took some explaining and talking directly to the doctor rather than the front desk. 

    Honestly, I probably wouldn't want a pediatrician who would refuse my baby based on where they were born.  That would make me think immediately that our philosophies weren't going to line up in any way, shape, or form.

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  • That was exactly what the ladies in Sept11Mommas said. I know that is the case, I'm just frustrated that they are allowed to decline services based on something so irrelevant. If you want to read their responses to my original post here is the link.


  • I haven't heard of this but am very confused as to what they could possibly think was wrong or risky about the baby, unless they correlate out-of-hospital births with moms more likely to try and challenge the doctor in other aspects of care rather than following policies. In which case I wouldn't want them as a pedi anyway.
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  • I've never heard of this problem, but I wouldn't want them for my pediatrician anyway.  If they're that close minded, I'm sure we would end up switching before too long.  It's better not to waste your time!
  • That seems weird to me.

    I planned to have my first at a freestanding birth center.  We see a family doctor, not a pediatrician.  So we just talked it over with the doctor and he was fine with it.  In the end, I had the baby at the hospital because I delivered too early for the birth center, the doctor saw the baby a couple of days after he was born.

    As an aside, there are a couple of birth centers in my area and the pediatricians I've come across don't seem to care.


  • Could it be a visiting privileges thing? I know that I had to pick a pedi who had privileges at the hospital where I was delivering. I ended up liking him, so I never looked into the option of having one pedi do the initial visit and then switching practices.
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  • I could understand if it were privileges. I went with a family practice that only delivered at an in-hospital birth center nearby....which they disclosed right away.

    The way the docs explained it...they liked having an understanding of the building, routines and a relationship with the staff there and it worked for their schedules/proximity/insurance. I'd say it's the doc's prerogative...hopefully you can find one who will work with you on it.

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  • I've heard of this, but never dealt with it.  Our LO came 11 days early and we had put off interviewing pedi's so we didn't even have one when he came.  I had an interview set up for the next day, so that pedi saw him, but I didn't really like that one.  The MW did all the postbaby visits for 6 weeks and then the pedi we ended up going with didn't even want to see the baby until a month after he was born.

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