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When does your LO start school?

I noticed a few post about other children starting pre-school already. When does your LO's school year begin?

For us, it's September 8th.

Re: When does your LO start school?

  • Sept 12th for preschool for us. I heard somewhere that it was MI state law now that the schools had to start after labor day.
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  • DS1 starts prek 4 Aug. 29th.  
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  • Tuesday, Sept. 6th
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  • We start the 7th or the 8th.  Our preschool is doing something called "Smart Start" this year where half of the kids start one day, the next day the other half goes.  Then the next week they all come together.  There are only 10 kids in her class, but I think it's a nice transition time.
  • We started yesterday. :) 

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  • We started on the 17th.
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  • DD is going to the lab school at the local high school.  They have to work with the high schoolers first who will be teaching the students, so DD's first day isn't until Sept. 27th. 
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  • The 8th!
    O 10.08 & MJ 6.10
  • Sept 12 for us!
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  • Last week for us.
  • Her first day is today!
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  • Eva doesn't start until Sept. 20th but schools around here start Friday Sept 2 (why Friday???).
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  • DS started on Monday, the 22nd.
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  • Wednesday after Labor Day
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  • September 7 is Meet the Teacher Day then the first day of school is September 9.

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  • imagejerol:
    Tuesday, Sept. 6th

    Same for DD.

    DD #1 - 01.08
    DD #2 - 03.13
  • Aug 31
    P - 9/2008
    A - 8/2010
    L - 1/2013
    S - 3/2015
  • DS started on August 3.

    At our school, we were actually year round until this year, I think, so he would  have been starting in July. Now he's on a modified calendar, so starts in August, but gets several 2 week breaks throughout the year and ends in May.

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  • Sept 6th, but all the rest in our area started this week. His school is the only one that starts that late here.
  • September 6th

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  • Mine started on August 18. Here, though, school has always started in mid-August, and we got out at the end of May.
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  • She started August 17th.
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