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Update: Beta Question

Thanks everyone for your encouraging words...my beta numbers have gone up tremendously, I think I might have just o'd later than I thought.

 I don't post often, but I check in here quite a lot...you're so supportive to each other, I've definitely felt like I'm not alone as I've gone through the infertility process again. Thinking positive thoughts for all of you!! 

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Re: Update: Beta Question

  • That is so great! A H&H 9 months to you!
    Conceived DD after 15 cycles--- TTC #2 since 11/10---Me- Poor egg quality and supply---DH- Poor count and motility---2 rounds 75IU Follistim/IUI-BFN---5/12 150IU Follistim/IUI-Over-produced! Converted to IVF! 0 fertilized:( Rescue ICSI performed. 2 embryos transfered-BFN

    ---------Game Over---------

    Moving on as a family of 3
    Lou's Infertility News

    <a href="http://s863.photobucket.com/albums/ab199/lillinzlou2/?action=view
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  • Congrats, that is great news! 
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  • Awesome news! Congrats! I hope they continue to rise and that you have a H&H 9 months!
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  • Congratulations!!!

    H&H9 to you!

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  • Excellent news!
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    TTC since 6/02 (age 22) K/U instantly despite no AF for 5 months--preemie baby boy 1/03
    M/C 11/04 - M/C 05 - M/C 06 - BFP 2/08--fullterm baby girl 10/08 - M/C 4/11 - went to RE at age 31
    DX: crappy quality & infrequent ovulation, mild MFI
    Stimmed cycle #1 C/P 7/11 - Stimmed cycle #2 C/P 8/11 - Stimmed cycle #4 C/P 10/11
    On Stimmed Cycle #5
    Always thought I'd be a "mom of many"--now just hoping to be a "mom of one or two more!"
  • Great news!  Congratulations!
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