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NBR: Latisse

Would you?  Have you?  Will you?

I love the idea of Latisse but I'd hate for it to change my green eyes.'s so tempting!!  If I had brown eyes I'd definitely use it.

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Re: NBR: Latisse

  • Totally would if I had brown eyes. I know many who rave about it. Including some light-eyed ladies, but I love my eye color so won't chance it. If I only had time to keep up with lash tinting, that would be grand.
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  • I saw it at the pediatric ophtho's office (when we took A there)...weird to see an ad for it in the pedi ophtho's office, but whatever...

    I have a blue eye and a green eye, and love the no, probably not.  I don't want iris pigment changes. I just bought the "Falsies" mascara, and it made my lashes look 2x the normal length.  $7.00 at Target.

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  • No way.  But, I think I have nice eye lashes already.  A friend of a friend of a friend- you know the kind- ended up with brown speckles in her blue eyes, according to a friend, but it looked nice?
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  • No way. I'd love longer eyelashes, but I'm not willing to put anything on my face that is going to change the color of my eyes!  It doesn't seem like that can be good for you to me.
  • OMG!  That's so funny.  That's why I won't use it.  I have blue eyes and I wouldn't want them to change color.
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