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How big a deal do you think this might be?

My DS is about to begin preschool next week. He has never been to daycare1 only with us, and his grandparents. He is on the shy/sensitive side and quite attached to me, although getting a bit less so as he gets older (he just turned 3).

Anyway, I found a preschool that I like- it is sort of a new branch in our town of a very well established one the next town over. So although it is new, the original one is not and it is the same people running it and even teaching, and I have personal recommendations about that one (which is full by the way). It is very small and I really liked their general attitude/approach, so it seemed like a great fit for my guy.

So my issue is that there are very few kids enrolled since it is so new- like 3 to 5 depending on the day. My son will go a half day Mondays and a full day Wednesday (so I can work that day). The thing is, I just found out that he wil be the ONLY kid staying past lunch on Wednesdays. I guess him getting some one-on-one time with the teacher is ok, but my concern is that he will see all the other kids getting picked up and will likely be upset that he will have to stay, and wondering where I am. Especially considering it is going to be quite a transition for him to begin with. I just hate the thought of him wondering "where's MY mom?" Sad

I don't know if this is a legitimate concern, or if I am just over-analyzing it as his first day rapidly approaches. Any thoughts? Thanks!!!

Re: How big a deal do you think this might be?

  • Gah, sorry for the double post!
  • I think it'll be fine. Especially after the initial getting-settled phase. I'm sure your DS will LOVE the one-on-one attention he'll get and daycare providers/preschool teachers are usually really good with reassuring little ones that mom is coming back. I also have a really great book rec for you since this is your DS's first time at Daycare. We were really able to relate to it and the rhyme is really easy to repeat.
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  • He'll be fine. With all daycares, there's ALWAYS a first day where the child will wonder what's going on.  After the first week, he'll catch on to the routine and go along with it.  No worries.
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  • He'll do ok.   You'll just work with him each time he goes on remembering that today mama will pick you up after circle time and then the next day you'll tell him today after circle time you'll get to do some special activities with Mrs.X and then mama will be there to pick you up.

    My oldest had never dealt well with being left with anyone besides a grandparent and it only took him to the middle of the 2nd week before he was out the door in the morning with a wave (DH does drop offs) and an easy goodbye at school.  I think that with a small group that it will be even easier for him as the teachers will really be able to work with you guys on separating and getting him involved in the mornings.  

  • Thanks for all the reassurance! I feel a little better about it today, and the director emailed me back, saying they will make sure to make it exciting and special for him when he is the only kid there. As far as the place staying afloat, I'm not too worried about that as this is really just on offshoot of a very well established and extremely full, larger center one town over. That site is more of a daycare, with infants through toddlers in one building and preschool through K in another, and all rooms are full. This new branch in my town is sort of the director's pet project- a preschool that's fairly small and focused on outdoor exploration and such. She also said there have been some recent inquiries so she is hopeful to have more kids very soon. I do think the very low number of kids will make the transition easier in a way, and I'm hoping that maybe I can arrange to speak to him on the phone briefly on Wednesdays when all the other kids are getting picked up.

    Anyway, thanks again!

  • My son was a SAH kid too until age 3 when he started preschool.  DS though is not shy by any stretch of the mind.  He's all extrovert.

    I would hope that more kids would enroll at your school.  I think he would be okay though by himself for one afternoon during the week with just his teacher.  Kids are very adaptable most of the time.

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