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Can we find out sex at 15weeks??

I have my next appointment when I am 15weeks pregnant and I am wondering if anyone found out the sex then...or is it still too soon to find out?? I think I am just being a lil impatient lol :)

Re: Can we find out sex at 15weeks??

  • Your doctor probably isn't planning to reveal gender at that appt.  In some cases, it's not too early but most doctors will wait until 18-22 weeks.  The books say you can tell by the 15 or 16 week.  All you have to do is ask!
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  • I went to a 3D place to find out the sex at 15 weeks and we did. With my last baby, we waited until the 20 weeks, but this time I wanted to know asap! 
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  • We found out at 16 weeks that we are having a boy, and I've heard you can tell even weeks sooner.  But I would think so, you might not want to go and paint the nursery though until a later confirmation.
  • We found out at our check up last week I was only 12w5days. The ultrasound tech did warn us it was kind of early but she was 90% sure we are having a boy. She said she has never had anyone come back and prove her wrong.

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  • we paid for an elective ultrasound at 15 weeks and found out we are having a boy. I have a friend who went to the same place at 15 weeks and is having a girl.
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  • The tech told me on Friday that she thought boy, she said that at 15 weeks it is pretty accurate though!  We won't find out if she was right or wrong until 19 weeks... so hard to be patient!
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  • My OB originally had an a/s planned at 17 weeks in which we could find out the sex, if we had wanted (it ended up getting moved to 21 weeks for insurance issues, but anyway...). I've heard of people finding out at 15 weeks, but I've also heard of a lot of people being told it was one sex and finding out at a later appointment that it was wrong. So it might be fun to find out now, but I'd suggest not buying any major items based on it.
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  • I found out one of my twins sex at 14 weeks. I had to ask but they were able to tell me with 100% confidence that baby A was a girl. Baby B just wouldn't cooperate and show us the goods
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  • I had an ultrasound at 13 weeks 6 days and they wouldn't tell me for sure but they stated it was looking like a girl. Only because the parts can still be swollen and hard to distinguish. With my DD we found out at 18 weeks. I have my apt today and we will be scheduling my next ultrasound. I am so excited I would love to have another little girl but my husband wants a boy. 
  • I hope so! I have an u/s on Monday, will be 15weeks 5days and they better at least guess!
  • We had an elective u/s at 15 wks exactly and were told it was a boy...we will see if the OB office says the same in a few weeks :)
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