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The Happiest Baby on the Block

I just watched the the 5 S's really work? 

I know swaddling helps DD sleep better at night (we definitely paid for it last night when we didn't swaddle her!), curious about the other ones, especially the side lying one.

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Re: The Happiest Baby on the Block

  • They worked w/ DD to calm her down.  We however didnt have her sleep on her side just layed her that way if she was fussy.  We still do the sushing at night and nap time.  It really worked for us.  GL!



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  • The hair dryer trick worked like magic. She could be screaming like someone was chopping off a limb, but if we turned on the white noise, she instantly calmed down and often fell asleep. DD still sleeps with a white noise machine ever single night, and during all naps.
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  • All 5 worked for us (only we had to hold the binki in because she couldn't master it herself) She would intantly calm when we swaddled, side lying, shhhhed, and shook.  It was like magic!!

    On a side not, for babies with reflux laying on their left side is better because of the way the stomach lines up with the esophagus, it helps with spit up issues. So it's worth trying when you are doing side lying.

    Edit: there is a youtube video of a vacume cleaner that is 12 hours long. DH used this a lot instead of just shhhing.

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  • We did the shhhshhhing and swaddling, and they worked great for awhile. As she got older and stronger, she broke out of the swaddle and back to the drawing board we went. For us, we found that the eat, play, sleep routine worked well. We didn't do the set times though. Good luck!
  • I didn't ever read it but the white noise thing always worked for us. Jax always calmed down with the vacuum cleaner. So much so that I vacuumed everyday (sometimes a few times a day) until I found the white noise app on my iphone with vacuum cleaner on it! As he got older he started liking the rain type noises better. Now he just sleeps to classical music.

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  • We usually needed 2-3 of them in various combinations, but yes, most of the time they worked. Especially the sucking. Just add pacifier to almost any situation for him. (Then again, he would get mad when he lost it in the middle of the night, and we developed bad sleep associations.  Enter Dr. Ferber at 4 1/2 months.)

    Side lying working well for daytime fussiness around the house, and the swing worked just about any time.

  • they work great for us. We are addicted to the swaddle and the humidifer.

    I don't lay him on his side to sleep, but I do lay him on his side when I'm rocking him to sleep. It works much better than if he is on his back.

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  • Yep. DS still gets white noise and shushed to sleep. We swaddled till he was 10 mos old when he decided he was ready to give it up. We did them all, but not necessarily altogether, b/c we didn't always need all 5. And DS wouldn't take a paci. But I do remember swaddling him and putting him on his side, swinging him, many many times.
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