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Asking for HUGE help...

Would anyone be willing to print Enfagrow manufacturer's coupons for me? The printable coupon is available on the Enfagrow website and you just need to click on "get coupon".  You should be able to print 2 of them by hitting your back button.

I could even mail you a SASE to send them to me, if you wanted.  It would be such a huge help to us, I can not even tell you.

I have printed all that I can from my and my husband's computer, his work blocks the website for some lame reason. So, I just thought I would ask and see if anyone would be willing to help.

I use these manufacturer's coupons and the formula checks to stack together at Target to make this very expensive habit of my child more manageable for us. LOL!

Thank you so much for reading and even considering my request, I appreciate all that have helped us over the last few months with this toddler formula situation we are now in.

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Re: Asking for HUGE help...

  • Do you know if I really need to download the coupon printer? PM me your address and I'll be happy to send them to you :)


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  • We just got the ok to switch DD to whole milk and carnation (from the enfagrow vanilla.)

    We were using 2+ cans a week. She now only drinks the equivalent of 1 6oz cup of Enfagrow a day. The rest is whole milk and Carnation. (Even making this to 27cals/oz is cheaper than the formula!)  I mix 1 part formula with the rest milk/carnation to ease her transition. (though I think the flavor is so similar she doesn't notice)

     Just thought I'd throw that out there as an option to discuss with your doctor.



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