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When did you move baby to bed?

So what signs should I look for?  He's currently about to be 16 mos- his crib is REALLY tall and I can't imagine he'd be able to crawl out of it. 

We're not sure if/when we'll have another baby and are thinking of getting an inexpensive toddler bed for him to use until we determine the next step for our family- if we don't do this, he'll transition straight into a Queen bed.  How long can you use a toddler bed? 


Re: When did you move baby to bed?

  • KEEP HIM IN HIS CRIB AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!!  We did not transition C until he was able to get out of the crib himself.  Once we put him in his big boy bed, all bets were off.  He would wander out of his room severs times a night and would not stay in bed.
  • We transitioned DD at 25 months, as #2 was arriving a few months later. That being said I had no intention of moving her but one night she just said she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed (it was in the guest room waiting for her). She transitioned with no issue into a twin with a box spring, headboard and two rails and has never gotten out of it or left her room other than one time right when I came home from the hospital with the baby. She waits in bed for me in the morning and I've told her to yell "mommy come get me" and she does this every morning.
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  • My child is over 3 & still in a crib. He sleeps great in there & loves his "baby bed" (his words). His crib does convert to a toddler bed, so we'll either do that or move him directly to his big boy room (our current guest room) which has a queen bed when/if we have another little one. 

    But I agree - keep him in there as long as possible!!!!!! 

  • 28 months here and only because he was climbing in and out.....and I was pregnant so we knew we'd need the crib for the baby a few months later.

    I would absolutely not worry about a toddler bed until the baby is climbing out. A lot of my friends kept their children in cribs until 3 and it was a much easier transition. We did not have much of a problem with nighttime, but naps were so much harder!

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  • Nic is still in a crib and he is jsut shy of 2.5 years old.  He was a really bad sleeper as a baby and I said he would stay in his crib until he was 20!!  He is a much better sleeper now so we may look into transitioning him to a toddler bed soon.  I would like him to be transitioned before we have another one so that may be in a year or two. 
  • We converted her crib to a toddler bed at around 23 months. She wasn't climbing out or anything, we just kind of did it on a whim. She did great for several weeks then went through a month or so long phase of getting out of her bed every night, wrecking her room, emptying her dresser drawers, taking off her clothes, and sleeping on the floor. It is funny now, but was not at the time. hehe. But ever since then, she's done great. She doesn't get out of bed at all now. She stays in there until we come get her in the morning. We close her bedroom door, and there's a doorknob cover on the inside. So wandering around the house has never been an issue for us.

    You can keep them in the toddler bed until they get too long for the crib mattress. Although plenty of people transition them straight to a regular bed. We plan to keep Holly in the converted crib for awhile longer, but will eventually buy her a twin bed. She has a toddler bed at my parents house and loves it.

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  • We moved him the first time he jumped out, at around 20 months. He's in his crib as a converted toddler bed now. It was a pretty easy transition, with a few hiccups of him getting out but overall its been good. I would wait as long as you feel comfortable with!
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  • We did it at 25 months after he was caught numerous times trying to climb out of the bed and sitting straddling the rail. That was the BEST choice we ever made...his has slept sooooo much better being in the bed then he ever did in the crib.(hes a special case im sure). He's very good about calling for me to come get him when he wakes up and he waits in his bed for me to come on (we have a dooknob cover too but haven't had much need for it). There are some times at nap i can hear him getting a few books out to read but other then that he's been really good. Good Luck and dont feel rushed either way to do it. you need to do it when u think LO is ready and not rush it if u dont have to.
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  • Wesley was 20 months when we transitioned him...we were going to have to switch him anyway since I'm due in 4 weeks, but he started trying to climb over the crib rails. I didn't think he'd be able to climb out since he's only in the 7th percentile for height and the rails are really tall, but this kid is a daredevil.

  • We moved DD#1 at 17 mo., mostly because DD#2 was going to be born when she was 18 mo. and we didn't want to buy another crib.  We just moved DD#2 on Saturday night (20 mo.) because we thought she was ready.  As with anything, I think there is always a transition you have to work through.  Overall, I think the transition with DD#1 went pretty good and so far with DD#2, it's going well.  I'm personally of the opinion that waiting till my LOs can crawl out of the crib is waiting too long; a broken bone can happen on the first fall from a crib.  But that's just my opinion :).

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  • We transitioned at about 16/17 months because we have another one due soon and he did great with it.  I probably would've waited until he was 2 otherwise, just because. GL!
  • Personally, I wouldn't have even considered it at 16 months.  I think it depends a lot on your child's temperament.  Lots of kids go into a bed before 2, but we waited until 3 to move Liam.  He was a terrible sleeper when he was little, and I have no doubt it would have been a nightmare trying to get him to sleep in a bed before or at 2.  Then, as he got a little older, I would ask him if he wanted a big boy bed, and he'd tear up and say no, I like my crib!  So we just didn't push it.

    When he turned 3, we made a big deal about buying his big boy bed (twin mattress and box spring on the floor) and Thomas bedding for it which he LOVED. We told him we'd just put the bed away until he was ready for it...well, he had us set it up that night LOL.  Because he was older, he was sooo excited about his big boy bed, and so proud about it, and honestly, it hasn't been an issue at all.  Getting up to pull clothes out of his dresser and trash his room during the night might have been exciting at 2, but it's just not at 3.  He gets up sometimes, to knock on the door if he needs to go to the bathroom, and in the morning when he's ready to get up for the day, but other than that, he's been a total champ.  I'm SO glad we waited.

    So I say, go with your gut, and if you don't have a pressing need (like a 2nd on the way or a toddler climbing out of his crib), then wait until you and DS are ready.  There's no rush! :)

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