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back pain + menstrual cramps + every 5 minutes =

exhausted. I've been having back pain with menstrual cramps, sometimes with a tightened belly, every 5-10 minutes since 3 am. They haven't changed in intensity or gotten hard to handle, so I'm still at home just dealing with it. Did anyone have their labor start like this? I'm praying this isn't all for nothing!

Re: back pain + menstrual cramps + every 5 minutes =

  • if there hasnt been any change then I dont think you are in actual labor. It sounds more like BH to me.
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  • yup the worst back pain ever, it wasn't like braxton hicks. I got em every 7 min then worked up to every 3 by that time I was 7cm and 100%. It was def unbearable by then, You know something just isn't right with your body. maybe take a trip to hospital hun, its worth it, I waited tooo long! GL
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  • I've been having this off and on since late Wednesday night and was told by my OB it's early labor.  Not fun!  I didn't do this with DD!!!
  • My MW told me if this happened to drink a BIG glass of water & go soak in a warm bath, if it get more intense it's real, if it subsides, you're prob just dehydrated...
  • I Am with you 100%!!!!! mine started last night at 1 am. Immense back pain and constant cramping and pressure, which gets even worse during contrax. I've been waiting all day for the contrax to intensify or get regular. But they never did. Some of them hurt me to tears and others are barely noticeable. Sometimes they are every few minutes sometimes none for an hour. I feel like I'm in early labor but these cntrax r too confusing. I kinda wish my water would just break and end this confusion. Not sure how much longer I can handle this!
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  • I was up all night last night because my back hurt so damn bad, plus regardless of the inconsistency, the contractions were also keeping me up. Even though I didnt really sleep, I was up and out of be around 7 and the pain and contractions kept coming. I was having severe lower back pain and menstrual cramping along with contractions. I started timing them around 10 30 am and they were no more than 6 minutes apart for about an hour and a half, and then they just stopped. I am so mad because I really thought it was go time.... nothing. Its not like the back pain has stopped because its been hurting for about 8 days now, it hurts so bad that if I move to quickly in bed or walking around, I get a sharp pain that shoots in my back, its terrible.. There is no relief from this kind of pain... my doc will do nothing.... Im sorry but it sounds like we are on the same boat right now.... hang in there, to me it seems like we are close, our bodies are practicing for the real deal.... I just dont know how many false labors I can handle before claiming my reward for the torture!! Hang in there... ((((hugs))))
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