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High Temp/Fever Chills Postpartum

I woke up with extreme chills last night. I took my temp and it was a ittle high (99.7), but not high enough to call the doc (per my discharge instructions). Then the next time I got up to feed LO I had extreme hot flashes and was soaked with sweat. My temp went up to 100.9, so I called my OB office and the on-call doc never called me back.

I just called again this morning and they want me to come in. I am really hoping that nothing is wrong.

Anyone else have this? Was it an infection? I don't feel pain when urinating or at the site that I had stiches.My breasts seem okay too, so I don't think it's Mastitis.

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Re: High Temp/Fever Chills Postpartum

  • I had the exact same issue after DD1 was born. Eventually things progressed to the point that I was having uncontrollable shakes/tremors and could not hold my baby for fear of dropping her. It turned out that I had a bladder/urinary tract infection from the urinary catheter used during delivery. However the nurses/doctor that I had kept telling me it was nothing, normal after delivery stuff. After speaking to them 7 times over 4 days and being repeatedly told to wait it out, I followed my gut and just went into a doctor's office. I had a bad infection that had spread to my kidneys and needed to be admitted to the hospital. I was furious with the dr and nurses at my OB practice and that's why I'm with a midwifery group this time around. Definitely go in, they'll give you some antibiotics to clear it up before it gets as bad as mine did.
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  • I have no experience since I'm a FTM still waiting for my baby to come, but just wanted to say I hope you feel better soon and sorry this is going on. 
  • After I had DS I had hot flashes and sweat like a pig...turns out it was just my body's way of getting rid of all the extra fluids I had held onto while pregnant. 

    Hope everything is okay with you and you start feeling better soon! 

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  • I had this with DD#1.  For me, it was a uterine infection, which baffles me to this day because of how meticulous I was about caring for my "areas" postpartum.  I've come to the conclusion that it just happens sometimes.  But really, there's no telling what it could be, so don't worry yourself too much.  Just be sure to keep that appointment, and be sure they check for everything!

    Oh, and if your doc prescribe antibiotics, see if there is any such thing as one that is safe to take while BFing.  The antibiotics they gave me were not and they told me to pump and dump.  But P&D didn't work for me, my supply all but dried up by the end of my round of antibiotics, and I ended up not being able to BF.  If I'm remembering correctly, you are BFing so I just wanted to put that out there - it's always sad to see a simple kink throw off BFing for a mama who really wants to.

    Good luck at your appointment, and be sure to let us know how you're doing later!

    // I love you too. //

  • I had your symptoms for 3 days this week, plus horrible body aches. I don't know if you were given the tdap vaccine but I'm pretty positive that's what made me feel sick. I had almost every side effect from the vaccine. Hope its nothing serious and you're feeling better.
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  • Did you have an epidural? One side effect from them is that you can have high temps and flashes afterward.

    Since your temp is getting up there, I'd play it safe and keep harassing the on-call. You don't want to play around with potential infections.  

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  • Hey Amdraza;

    I hope all went well at your doctor appt. I also wanted to congratulate you on the birth of your son Ryder! I missed your birth announcement post.

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