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12 wks pp & c-section incision still not healed

My incision was healing very slowly, but as of this week it's getting worse. I now have one large opening about 1.25 inches long and another tiny opening on the other side. OB put me on antibiotics and just keeps telling me to let it air out and use peroxide on it a couple times a day.

The problem is that my stomach hangs over it, keeping all moisture in and never giving it air. Yes, I could lay on my back all day and give it air, but I can't afford to take that kind of time off work (OB says I need 1-2 weeks of zero activity), and I'm chasing babies around the rest of the time. DS#1 is 2 yrs 4mo and DS#2 is 12 weeks.

So I googled incisions that won't heal, and OMG. There are a lot of scary stories out there...people who are still having trouble with their C/S incisions 5+ years later... Now I'm scared out of my effing mind.

I'm looking for every way possible to get time off work and make this thing heal, but I don't know how I'm going to feed my family :/ DH also works, but does not make the money that I do and we've already cut back everywhere we can.

Does anyone have a SUCCESS story on this? Like - yea, my incision wasn't healed at 3 mo, but I took one week off to try and get it better and then it was all better! 

I posted this in 12-24 because I thought I might find more "healed" people... 



Re: 12 wks pp & c-section incision still not healed

  • Mine healed pretty quickly.  I'm a big girl and had the same belly problems.  My doctor suggested a girddle type thing. Have you tried a support garment with some gauze over the wound to keep it dry.  Maybe something like this below could help?




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  • I would use paper towels to dry my incision once I got out of the shower and then use antibacterial cream on it.  After that, I would use an overnight pad and let my stomach fold hold it in place.  This would soak up any extra moisture that appeared.  Good luck with it hun!
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  • I had "overhang" because of my twin skin, and my OB recommended getting the big surgical gauze pads and putting one against the incision site while it healed. Maybe an option?
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  • I have the same belly hang issue and mine took a long time to heal. Things I did to help: Dry it off every time I used the restroom. Dried it really well after showering by standing in front of a fan. I also folded a maxi pad lengthwise and put it right on my incision. This really helped keep it dry during the day. The nurses at the hospital suggested this. Once the skin wasn't so raw I used, and still use, Lotrimin foot spray with powder right on the incision sight. I had tried baby powder, but it was really abrasive and turned gummy. A friend told me this was she uses everyday to keep the fold dry. Definitely helps things out.
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  • I am a nurse and see people with skin problems in their abdominal folds all the time. Using gauze is a good idea.

    If you can get help from anywhere, get it. Friends, relatives, church group, etc. Let them "chase babies" while you take it easy and let that incision air out. I can only imagine what you found when you did your google search. Surgical wounds are nothing to mess around with. I have seen some horror stories IRL.

  • I also have the horrible skin overhang. I still have it. It took about 8 weeks for me to heal. My incision ended up opening and I had to pack it. Yucky! It hurt like a B. I would dab it with a clean cloth to keep it from getting moist. I also had to get Granny panties to go over the scar. 

    Take it easy, try to take care of your scar and let others run around with the kids so you can get healthy. You may also want to talk to your OB to see what you can do to make the healing time easier.  

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  • Thanks ladies.

    After talking to the OB and my bosses, I'm going to take all of next week off. Tonight when I get home I am starting a "get this b!tch healed" regimen. I'm going to lay on my back and keep my stomach off my incision 24/7 - might get one of those stomach bands. I'm going to wash with antibacterial soap 2x a day, do peroxide 4x a day, take my antibiotics, keep it super dry and use gauze whenever I need to be up. I have recruited family to help with the boys.

    The real catch here for me was finances, but after explaining the situation to my two bosses, they have offered me 40 hrs paid time off with no fine print since I already used all my vacation time when LO was born! I can't believe they are doing this for me, and I can't thank them enough!

    Wish me good luck - I'm hoping that I can get it healed up fast! 


  • That is fantastic! What an incredible offer from your bosses!! Good luck with it and let us know how it goes!
    married 03/08/08 -- ttc with PCOS (dx 2005) & DS
    IUI #3 gave us the best 2nd anniv. gift ever: 2 babies! (born 03/09/10)
    Peanut and Little Man are getting so big! 2 years old already!
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