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Tips for staying healthy during the school year?

I would love to hear everyone's tips for staying healthy during this upcoming school year! My oldest son started his first year of preschool last year. It was his first year outside of the house since I work from home and don't use daycare, and we had been prepared to our pediatrician that we'd see a lot of illnesses because of this. And boy was she right. It seemed like someone in the house was always sick last year. :(

 We take our multi vitamins, we wash our hands as soon as we get home from school, and I took a teacher's suggestion of even changing my son's clothes as soon as he got home. Any other great suggestions? I'm really not looking forward to cold and flu season!  


Re: Tips for staying healthy during the school year?

  • Always wash hands before you eat. 
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  • Lots of hand washing!  My son's teacher has her students wash their hands so many times throughout the day.  They have to wash their hands when they come in the room in the morning, before snack, after recess, after using the restroom, and before they leave.  He got sick one time last year. 
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  • Ugh, not looking forward to this.  DS just started a 2 year old preschool and it's also his first time out of the house.  I'll be following this to get suggestions.  I sure hope they wash their hands a lot at school because each student had to bring 6 bottles of soap.
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  • I am a big believer of extra vitamin D, rest, rest rest, drinking tons of water and like the others said, handwashing.
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  • I'm a teacher and I make my kiddos wash their hands tons throughout the day. I do as well and I change clothes once I get home.  DD has only ever been sick about 3 times.  She had a small summer cold one day last week and now DH has it.  You'd think he was dying.  I'm not looking forward to DD possibly getting sick while in preschool because if DH also gets sick, I think I'll throttle him with as much as he complains. :) 
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  • Ugh, DD2 is starting preschool this year and I'm not looking forward to the illnesses! Ditto everyone else's suggestions above. We also will be doing probiotics this winter (either yogurt w/ it, or supplements. Costco has a chewable one that DD1 loves).

    Also, maybe this will make you feel better...our pedi said it takes about a year for their immune systems to build up to that environment, and it's going to happen whether they start now, in kindi, or daycare earlier... He told me after that initial year, it gets better. So far, that's held true for DD1. Her first year, it seemed like she was CONSTANTLY sick. It was awful. Last year (year 2 in school), was way better. She was only sick a few times.

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  • A bubble?  Seriously I hope we have better luck.  I noticed the number one factor is good sleep in our home.  Harm needs 12, the twins need 14, DH needs 8, and I need 9.  If any of us are slacking with all the germs in the air my son is probably bringing home we get doomed.  Also eating real healthy helps as well.

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  • imagefranciscaz:

    A bubble? 

    LOL! Not a bad suggestion and one I've thought of myself. 

    As to a pp, my pediatrician also said that the second year of school should be better than the first since his immune system will be stronger. I have my doubts since I had several colds last school year too, and after spending 22 icky winters in Michigan before moving to Florida, I should have been exposed to and had every cold and virus imaginable already. LOL

  • Double check HOW they're washing their hands.

    From time to time mine slack and I have to remind them (and me) to do the "sing the ABC's" and scrub backs and between fingers tricks.

    The other 2 are sleep and nutrition.

    Mine get more junk food at school with their stupid snacks so we make sure to do extra whole fruits and fresh veggies at home to get those real true vitamins in there!

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