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Off the Subject - House Cleaning

Can anyone recommend a good house cleaner who is not extremely expensive? 

Dx: Septate and Bicornuate uterus and Mild Endometriosis
First Lap - 7/08 - removed endo and endometriomia cyst on right ovary
Stopped TTC
8/10 - Started TTC again
12/10 - 3/11 - 3 rounds of femara/ovidrel/iui - All BFN's
4/11 - 2nd Lap/Hysteroscopy/Septum Resection - Septum removed/still bicornuate uterus/Stage I endo removed
6/4 - femara/ovidrel/iui - BFP!!
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Re: Off the Subject - House Cleaning

  • Everyone's probably sick of me recommending this company but it's because they do a good job for us and have for a while now. I think their rates are competitive.

    Owner's name is Jeremy and he's usually the one handling scheduling and new business.

  • I like Greenway Painting's cleaning service - Greenway Maid. They use natural/green products and also do a free estimate. Plus, if you use them for painting you get a 10% lifetime discount for as long as you live in the house where they did the painting.
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