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how often do you feel your baby move at 23 weeks?

I will be 23 weeks tomorrow and I don't feel the baby move every day. Is there something wrong with this? I felt him 2 days ago with strong kicks throughout the day, yesterday was much more calmer, just a few barely noticeable ones and nothing today.Chat Icon

Also, how does moving and walking affect baby movements? I thought that being active will make baby move more, but just read somewhere otherwise. I was not really active these past days, just laying and sleeping a lot. Thanks.

Re: how often do you feel your baby move at 23 weeks?

  • I feel her move at some point every day, but some days its off and on all day long, and others I maybe only feel her twice the whole day. 

    Movement is supposed to decrease their activity because it rocks them to sleep, as well as makes you less aware of it. That doesn't mean anything is wrong if your baby chills out when you do though- he might just be comfortable and relaxed in there. 

    It also depends on where the baby is in there- he's still small enough to swim around a bit, and you might feel more or less movement based on his position. That's why kick counts don't start until 28+ weeks. 
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  • thanks, we actually share EDD, i am also due 12/8Smile but i now that i have anterior placenta, so maybe that plays role in how often i feel him?
  • It all depends.  On Monday, I barely felt him all day.  Maybe like 2-3 times.  But yesterday, he was moving around like crazy.  Sometimes he has lazy days like me I guess.

  • It all depends on the baby, and you... nobody is the same. However I will say that my OB has told me that movements don't become consistent until the third tri. I?m 26 ? weeks and I feel him every day, mostly when I?m at my desk at work?but I?m not to the point yet where I can say when I get up he?s active for this amount of time. He went through a spurt about 24-25 weeks that he was active ALL the time, and then he slowed down and it freaked me out?but they aren?t worried about it until I?m further along.

    Hope that helps ease your mind. They are just little humans in there, some days they like to kick back and relax, and others they like to be active J

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  • The last couple of days I have felt her move everyday. Mostly right when I wake up or when I am trying to go to sleep. She tends to be very active when I am sitting still and relaxing. The week before this one, I hardly felt her at all.

    I don't think you have anything to worry about, its still early for daily consistant movement.

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  • I feel him move every day.  Some days he is more active than others but overall there hasn't been a day in the last 2 weeks I haven't felt him. 

    I don't know about the being more active thing but I know that when I drink or eat certain things he becomes more active.  He likes ice cold drinks and those normally get him going.

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  • I agree with PP that every baby and woman is different, so don't let my answer discourage you in any way. I feel baby girl move constantly, and have been for weeks! She's like an energizer bunny in there, however I know that isn't necessarily the norm (I don't have "normal" pregnancies if I went by everything books and the internet say as far as movement and things like that). I wouldn't worry about feeling baby one day and not so much the next day; that's pretty average at this point!

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  • I first felt baby move at 21 w, and it was all exciting and it happened a lot at night, but between weeks 22-23, there was a bit of a lull in movement. Weeks 24 and 25 I feel her move ALL the time.

  • Im a week behind but I feel baby move everyday. I have noticed though that i get use to it and when im busy working i dont pay as much attention so I just ignore it a lot more lol. When i stop and pay attention I can feel her, I know when she is awake and when she is sleeping. She kicks about about 4-5 different times of the day now
  • I agree with the fact that when you are more active the baby moves less.  I am an ER nurse and the 3 days i work, I feel the baby way less, and Tuesday not for the entire 12 hours (but we were busy).  Also time of day seems to play a factor with me.  I feel him move more in the evening and early morning.   With my first, I remember it being way more random til closer to 30 weeks.  Hope this helps!

  • ditto the others - it's not uncommon to not feel movement everyday at this point, probably even moreso that you have an anterior placenta.

    I feel her move most days at this point, but some days it's a lot more than others.  The other day I think I only felt her once or twice right before I went to bed but then yesterday she was going crazy on and off all day.

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  • I'm due Dec 3rd and I feel the baby all the time. I also have an anterior placenta. I read that if you are worried about movement then either lay down on your left side for a while and wait or eat something or drink some juice and about an hour later the baby will react to the food or drink.
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