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Who uses Tommee Tippee sippies? (Telyco?)

We absolutely love these sippies for DD but we're having a hard time putting them back together for some reason.  We can't get anything through the straw!  Help!


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Re: Who uses Tommee Tippee sippies? (Telyco?)

  • I have a friend coming over soon - but I will mess with ours later. We actually never use the straw ones because Leah kept trying to drink from the little lid thingy instead - so I actually don't think I ever put it back together. We use the one with the hard nipple for her and the one that looks like a to-go coffee cup for Evan. I'll see what I can find and put together and post again later!
  • We had this problem too!  Loved the cup, but she never got anything EVEN when I figured out how to put it back together (at least I think I did).   I gave up and threw them out.  I hope I was just missing something and you can use them!
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  • I have these as well. Do you have the instruction book? It tells you in there how to re-assemble it. Its hard to describe but I know how to do it. Basically where the hard straw connects--theres the clear part and the white part. If you separate them then to get them back together you have to gently pull on the clear part (which pulls out the actual straw they drink from-dont pull too hard or it'll come out-learned that the hard way) to get some room and then put the white part back on...make sure the little nubby thing on the clear part goes through the white part. Then when those pieces are assembled, pull on the straw (where they suck) to tighten it back up. Like I said, hard to describe!

     I will say that I had the ones w/ the hard spout and had no issues except DD chewed off the spout. I have the coffee mug style too and LOVE those. These ones you have pictured I liked but now I don't-mine are leaking like crazy-and not from the straw...from where the top and bottom come together (the seam) leaked milk all over my diaper bag which totally smells like garbage now. I'm not too thrilled!

  • We use the TT sippies that don't have the straws. We also do have these ones that you show and hate them....they are really really hard to suck and get stuff up the straw so we really never use them they just sit in the cabinet!
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  • Thanks everyone!!
    DD1: 3/31/10 DD2: 9/7/11
  • Sorry - I can't even find the straws I am no help! I hope you get it figured out :)
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