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Hey the Kirkwood fair is this weekend and I was going to take Stella to the parade on Saturday if it's nice.  If you don't have plans and want to meet us let me know!  It starts at 11:00.
DD1: 3/31/10 DD2: 9/7/11

Re: *Goosh*

  • Ugh-I can't make it Saturday!  I have a baby shower in Norwich so there's no way I can do the parade and make it in time!  Darn-is there anything else going on there this weekend?  I just tried to look for a timeline of events and didn't find anything. 
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  • The fair is actually Thursday-Saturday, which I think it strange.  I'm not taking her to the fair b/c DH is going to be out of town and I don't think she would go on any rides anyway.  We'll try to figure something out!
    DD1: 3/31/10 DD2: 9/7/11
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