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Small wedding reception venue - Buffalo

Any ideas? My friend is a little older and doesn't want a huge wedding. Her fiance has been married before and his family is HUGE - so they either have to cut a ton of people or have a 400 person wedding.

I think the church they will get married in is in Williamsville. So I am trying to think of restaurants or something like that...nothing too fancy, she just wants something simple. I had my baby shower in an upstairs room of the Eagle House - and I think they can open it up even more up there, so I want her to check that out. But I don't have any other ideas for out in the general area..

I'm her unofficial wedding planner :)

Re: Small wedding reception venue - Buffalo

  • I had a baby shower at the Eagle House too.  I think that would be nice.  I think another good place is Pietro's on Transit in East Amherst.  I am pretty sure they have separate rooms too.  A few more ideas: one of the rooms at Pearl Street, The Saturn Club (although she may need to know a member to do it there, not sure), Romeo and Juliet's on Hertel, Left Bank, Mothers, Hutch's, or Black & Blue on Sheridan in Williamsville.
  • My friend just had her second wedding at Templeton Landing--there are two rooms there; hers was in the smaller one.
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  • I had my BFF's bridal shower at Templeton Landing, and it was great. Good food, reasonable and they were super easy to work with. Great views and patio (not sure what time of year she's getting married)

    I went to a small (2nd) wedding at Harry's Harbor, and it was really nice.

    Not sure how small or how simple she wants to go... but, I had my baby shower at My Tomato Pie (they have a nice banquet room) I love their food and catering.

    I think you can have small parties at Fiamma... we looked into it for my parents anniversary party. The upper level is available to book for private parties. 

  • I love food from Tabree and they are moving to Snyder.  Creekview is pretty casual right in the village near the parks.  Is Butterwood still open?  I thougt I saw a for sale sign on the building so I'm not sure; we had our engagement party there(they closed for it and gave us both floors).  There's LeMetro and Giancarlo's (opening soon I think?) in the Walker Center too. 

  • i LOOVE LeMetro.. thats where my bridal shower was.. and we had sandwiches from there for my baby shower.

    My SIL is having a small wedding  too and she was having trouble finding a place for a small party because most have a food minimum and room rental fees so it costs a fortune despite only having a smaller group.

    We wanted to have our wedding at Sheas.. it fits like 100 people tops and you can choose your own caterer.

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  • Thanks ladies! I've never heard of some of these I'll be doing some googling..
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