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Can you girls explain to me how to do this? I never got chance to sign up a few months ago when all of you did, and I told DH to check it out for us but he hasn't figured it out yet. T doesn't wear disposables often but this summer it seems like she's been wearing them more becasue her shorts don't fit her with her cloth diapers on.
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Re: S/O Amazon S & S

  • Meh, the deals aren't nearly as good as they used to be.  If you aren't brand specific, I would go with the Wegmans brand deal.  They have a coupon booklet in the store for $8 off a big box which makes a big box something like $5.

    We have moved on to pull-ups here.  Bri mostly uses the potty, but needs a pull-up for naps and bedtime.  And usually in the car.  The amazon price for pull-ups is not good.  I have been picking them up on the drug store deals.

  • Basically when you're logged in through Amazon Mom, there's a section on the left hand menu (when you're looking at diapers, etc) that you can check the S & S option.  It gives you 15% off for Amazon Mom and another 15% for S&S.  You can choose how often you want a delivery (every 1-6 months) and they automatically send it.  After I buy something I always go into the S&S section in my settings and cancel it so that I don't forget and get more.  

    Does that make sense?  

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  • They do email you (not sure if it is optional) before they ship the next order out which I appreciate.  You can always cancel it then.  The diapers deals are not amazing right now, but some things can be.  I do it for Aquaphor and the price is very cheap in comparison to the stores.  I also do it for some specialty foods that we buy a lot of. 
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