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What exactly is Swagbucks? I signed up because they were having some bonus promo but I don't really get what you do or what you get.

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Re: Swagbucks

  • I did!  A few month back I signed up and so far I've earned enough for two $5 Amazon gift cards.  There's way to earn bucks faster (coupons, or buying one of the daily deals) but I just do the basic search.  I usually get anywhere from 7-15 bucks per day doing that.  I had to change swagbucks to my homepage so i woudl remember to use it.  Otherwise I would just use google because it popped us my homepage.  I wouldn't say it's amazing, but if you buy diapers or baby things off of amazon the $5 cards come in handy.  Lastnight DH and I bought a new camcorder and got $10 off using my two gift cards.
  • the best way to earn bucks is to download the toolbar, and use it as your search engine. I typically can "win" 3x's per day for searching. I will just type in facebook, yahoo, blogger etc for whatever website I want to go to, and also just search random things.

    You can also go to their site and do the daily poll, it earns you 1 buck, but over the course of the month, that is an extra 30. Plus when you have the toolbar downloaded, you automatically get 1 buck for opening your web browser (the first time you do each day)

    If you ever shop any of those "daily deal" sites (like Groupon), check swagbucks daily deals tag first... sometimes you can earn extra bucks by purchasing through them. Last month I bought a Groupon, and earned 150.

    Follow Swagbucks on FB and they will sometimes have "hunts" for codes. If you go on the website there is a place to enter codes. 

    I joined in March, and have gotten $50 in amazon gift cards so far!

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  • i dunno. I joined a looong time ago and I have not earned enough for even one amazon card yet.. I'm getting kind of close but its taking forever and its not really worth it to me. Their "search" is useless to me so I don't really use it..I'll type something into it for kicks ocassionally just to see if i get any points..

    I tried taking surveys and signing up for offers but it took too much time for the amount of points i'd get.  And I don't like signing up for a ton of crap that will just get me junk email all day long.


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  • I love SB. Sometimes I'm not thrilled with the search results but that is the way I earn the most. Ive earned $80 in amazon gc since I signed up.
  • I have been using Swagbucks since around Christmas.  I have earned over $100 in amazon gift cards!  I use their search engine in the toolbar, but the their search engine does kind of suck.  I also use them when I purchase daily deals, like on groupon.  The majority of my points come from printing my coupons through their site.  And I have gotten point from things like Netflix.  They had a promo, sign up for a free month of Netflix and get 900 swagbucks which equals two $5 amazon GCs.  You also get bucks for referals.  So if anyone is looking to sign up, ask someone here for a referal so they can get credit.

  • imageNikCole:

    I typically can "win" 3x's per day for searching.



    ooooo...thanks for this!  I for some reason thought you would only win once per day by searching.  I won 7 earlier and just won another 10!  woo hoo!

  • I opened it last time we were all talking about it.  Maybe over the winter?  I did the tool bar right from the beginning and will search occasionally.  But I mostly go to the same few websites which I have as favorite buttons I just click on instead of searching to go to it.  And I never do surveys or anything.  I have 460 points, which I just looked up and discovered that at 450 is the $5 amazon card, so Yay me!  So I guess at my rate I "earn" $10 per year, haha.
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