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What do you think about this product?

It's gotten 5 stars, but it's just weird IMO.  Maybe this is old news to all you lovely ladies but I've never seen such a thing. It's on a gift registry for a friend of mine who lives in London and apparently it's highly recommended over in England. I just got it for her. Would you ever use one, or have you? If I could wrap my brain around the fact that I wasn't going to get a mouthful of crud I think it would be great!

nasal aspirator

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Re: What do you think about this product?

  • We have the Nosefrida.....LOVE it! It never failed and was tolerated much more than the bulb. It has a filter, nothing went up the tube! haha
  • We have the nosefrida as well, but I think we bought it too late-I think DD was too old so when we tried it, she freaked and won't let us near her with it! I think if you start when they're smaller, it would work better. She hated the bulb syringe too so basically if she gets plugged up, she stays that way b/c she wont let us near her with anything now! But my friend suggested the nosefrida and her 2 kids ask her to use it on them!

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  • We have it too!  She hates it no more than the bulb syringe when she was younger.  Now she likes to stick it in her nose and pretend, but *knock on wood* we haven't needed to actually use it in a long time.  It is more efficient than the bulb syringe.  The snot doesn't even get close to you mouth bc the tube is so long.  That would be a ton of snot!  For dd, it has never even filled up the nose piece part.
  • The picture makes me gag!
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  • It freaks me out...I cant wrap my mind around using it either...
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  • GROSSS. I had NO idea that was what the nosefrida was..  BLECH.
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  • ditto the gagging!


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