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What I do for bdays/holidays

People are always asking me what the kids want for bdays and holidays.  Having two kids, and especially since they are both girls, it can be incredibly difficult to figure out what to get.  So I figured I'd share my tip..

I created an wishlist for each of the girls.  Any time I see or hear of something that I think would be a good idea, I add it to the list.  This way I remember it - because I have 50 million other things going on in my life, there is no way I would remember stuff when the time came.  I generally never share the actual list with people, but it is there so that when they ask, I can check the list and go with a recommendation.  Amazon also has a new feature where you can add an item from ANY website, which is pretty cool.

Not only is it super handy, but for instance one of the items I was going to suggest for DD was a Melissa & Doug metal shopping cart, it was $37 (with free shipping) on Amazon and the person who was going to buy it almost spent $99 at some local toy shop and ship it to me... so I have made it a habit to check Amazon's prices (because even if they are slightly higher, sometimes the free shipping works out better, especially for long-distance relatives).

Just a tip I thought I'd share .. especially since I know a lot of us are 'gearing up' for Christmas/etc! :)

Re: What I do for bdays/holidays

  • Great tip! I'm going to do this for the in-laws. Yes


  • I just updated the boys' yesterday :)
    Charlie 11.01.07 ~ Paul 05.07.10 ~ Annaliese 02.24.12
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  • I didn't know Amazon would let you do it for different sites. I did something similar for DS's first birthday on TRU, but I should definitely start one on Amazon. Thanks for the tip!
  • I've been doing this since L was easy to keep track of stuff...I just have to go through and purge more often...
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  • This reminds me that I should start compiling one for this year. I had one last year and it worked really well with giving ideas to the families.
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  • Yup this is exactly what I started doing last year too! I love the wish lists you can make on Amazon.
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