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Two Mini Vaca's-Which would you choose?

Ok so we have two trips that we had originally planned on doing this weekend and next but after thinking it through a little more it's really going to be just too much and we have just too much still to do before this baby comes so we need a free weekend, but I'm really having trouble deciding which one to do. We would love to do both but they are so close together we'd only be home for 2 days before leaving for the next trip.

Trip #1: Boston with my parents, sister, nephew (whose 3 months younger than T) and then DH, me, and T. My family has not taken a Family Vacation since I was probably 19 and every year I beg to try and plan something and it never happens. We'd leave Saturday morning and be driving down in my parents van, so it would be a long trip-8 hours without 2 toddlers so we're thinking it's going to take more around 10. We'd be all be staying with one of my favorite Uncle's when we got there and spend a couple days the aquarium, and the children's museum, etc. and then come back Tuesday. DH and I haven't been to Boston in probably 8 years or so and this would be T's first time there. We'd have to board our dogs for the first time ever (we've had them for 7 years), which I am super anxious about,  because my parents are usually who watch them and have decided that our Vet is probably the best place to do that at, being as they know them well and know their behavioral issues. It's just not necessarily a nice comfty place to board them and they hate going to the vet so I feel terrible about it. They are in need of some updates on their vaccines, their nails trimmed, and a bath so they would get all that done while they were there.

Trip #2: Adirondaks to see my childhood BFF. It's been almost 2 years since we've seen each other so we had finally come up with a weekend that worked for both of us (in two weeks) and set the date. They moved a little over 2 years ago to a small town in the Adirondaks and their house is located right on the lake with lake access right at the edge of their backyard. This would be our first time visiting them since they moved. We would leave on Friday and come back Sunday. It's about a 5 hour drive. My parents would be able to watch the dogs so we wouldn't have to board them.

DH thinks we should do the Boston trip because Family vaca's for my fam are few and never and this one we actually got to work. He said we could just reschedule with my BFF for sometime this fall (before baby #2 comes) or next Spring. I just feel bad canceling on her and I was so excited about going!

Which trip would you do?

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Re: Two Mini Vaca's-Which would you choose?

  • I just spent the weekend in the ADK on Fourth lake, so I am partial.  The kids such a good time.  It is a good time of year, lake water was warm.  Depending on where they are, there are a few small parks around.  Fall is nice too, but you would spend less to no time in the water.  And spring is just B A D in the ADK.  Black flies eat you alive!
  • I'd do both because it'll be a while before you'll have a chance to do anything like that again. 2 kids is in a whole different league in terms of travelling...a LOT more work. IMO anyway.

    But if I HAD to pick one I'd do Boston since your DH said you could just reschedule the other anyway. Maybe you could just go by yourself to see your friend?? ;)

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  • I agree with Telyco- I would do both but if I had to pick I'd do boston and then try to arrange a girls weekend with my BFF
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  • I would do both as well.  You still have time before the baby comes, and honestly a 5 hour drive in the fall when you are even bigger and when you have even less time before the baby comes only sounds less fun.

    If I had to choose though, I feel the same as your DH.  The adk trip definitely sounds easier, but the family vaca would be more important to me.

  • Thanks girls! You've convinced me! We're going to do both! I might be exhausted when we get back, but I'm sure I'll have some good stories to share! :)
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