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Would you be concerned?

DD has never been a big fan of tummy time but we make a point to do it every day. She was doing really well about rolling from her tummy to her back. She can consistently roll to the left and we were working on getting better at rolling to the right. But the past week she's completely stopped. She won't roll either way. She doesn't even try, she just face plants and throws a little tantrum until someone helps her roll over. I don't pick her straight up off her tummy, I help her roll over, then pick her up. Would you be concerned? At first I thought she was just being stubborn but now I worry that she may be regressing on that skill.
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Re: Would you be concerned?

  • My DS is around the same age as your DD and he goes back and forth with tummy time.  About a month ago he suddenly stopped hating tummy time and was so good about it.  However, he rarely rolled even though he had been rolling before.  Then, after a few weeks of tolerating it so well, he started to hate it again and has started rolling again.  I think they just go through various periods of development that cause them to sometimes regress or make progress in one skill or another.  I find that as soon as I get comfortable with one thing, he changes and does something else.  I'm betting it will even out soon.
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  • Probably not. Babies apparently sometimes forget how to roll tummy to back if they learn how to do it on the early side. They'll 'remember' again later, especially around the time they learn to roll the other way, if they didn't already know how to do that.
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  • You know, I was wondering the same thing.  DD spent an entire day rolling from tummy to back -- she did it several times, at different times of the day, and we even caught it on video.  But she has yet to do it again.

    However, she now rolls from back to tummy, and I think she just doesn't realize it's the same skill.  She literally gets stuck on her tummy.  I think it'll all come together eventually, and it's not like she's regressed in strength or muscle tone -- it's more like she has to figure out that she can roll in both directions.  Maybe your LO is also working on a new skill and you'll figure out why she stopped eventually. 

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  • I was worrying about the same thing, but my pedi said it's normal for babies to experience little "hiccups" during their development.

    My DD has also gotten lazy about holding on to her toys and complains if I don't hold them for her while she sucks on them! heh...little princess.

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  • Sounds normal to me!  DS rolled from tummy to back 3 times just at 3mos.  Hasn't done it since.  Either they forget, or their attentions are on to something else. 

    DDs were like this with so many milestones as well. 

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  • Nope, it's normal.
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  • They'll often regress on a skill theyve learned while working on a new one. DS completely stopped "talking" for a week... not a peep and he was SOOO social. Then he rolled from tummy to back one day and started talking the same day. Then he stopped rolling from tummy to back the way he always did and would just lay there. Voila... all of a sudden he started rolling tummy to back the other direction and he started doing both. It's like all of their energy is spent learning something new that they can't do the old "tricks". 
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  • I wouldn't.  DD is the same way.  Sometimes she's into rolling and others it seems to be too much work for her and she'll get frustrated.  I think it's totally normal.
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