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OMG.... 4 month wakeful period...

at 3 1/2 months... is this possible.  I know it is.. l just think I am in denial.  Last night J got up at 3:30am and would not go back to bed till 5am... and that was after I gave him a bath.  Today all he wants to do is play or be fussy.  Please someone tell me this does not last long!
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Re: OMG.... 4 month wakeful period...

  • Truthfully, I never noticed a difference in R's sleeping habits. She's always gotten up one-two times a night, and she's over a year. I hope J gets through this phase quickly for you. (Oh, and from here, I've heard some "wakefuls" last up to a couple weeks)
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  • My DD is doing the same thing.. she usually only is awake for 1-2 hours between naps and the past two days it's been 5+ hours of just fussy and crying. I'm about to lose it!
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  • Pffft.

    Our sleep was no worse at 4 mos than it was at 4 days.  And so far 8 mos ain't much better (she says while drearily watching the baby play with a beach ball at 11:35 at night after a nap-free day and 4 days with 2-5 a.m. dance parties. . . ).

    So hey, just tell yourself "It could be worse!".  Because it could be.

  • We're doing the same thing right now. We should start a support group. I'll bring the booze, you bring the pillows and blankies.

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  • For us it lasted at least a few weeks if not a month. It was not fun and prompted us to do sleep training (ferber) around 4.5 months which worked very well for her. GL!
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  • It got "better" after about a week, but he's still not back to STTN like he was.
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