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New babies seem so small

A friend of mine just had a baby this week.   I went to go visit them this week and their baby seemed so small.  I could hardly remember when G was that little, even though their baby was over a pound bigger than G at birth!  It's weird to see babies now that are smaller than my LO.  It seems like she was just born.
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Re: New babies seem so small

  • I know exactly what you mean.  I've had two friends that have had babies in the last couple of weeks and they were both so TINY!  It's amazing how fast Chase has grown.  To think, he was that small just a few months ago.  It's crazy.
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  • Holding new babies is like holding air! Right now I am holing my son who is sleeping like a newborn... Is that the same? Stupid 4 month wakeful period :0(
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  • I know! I was at a mom group and a new mom came with her ten day old. SO TINY. I couldn't stop cooing. She seemed so little and she weighed nearly 2 lbs more than DS did when he was her age! April seems like a million years ago already.
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  • I was just looking at a pic of Nora yesterday all curled up on my husband while we were still in the hospital. I could just bawl thinking about how fast she is growing. I love seeing her personality emerge (she is a feisty one lol!) but I do miss the little peanut that she was. (Peanut relatively speaking since she was 9-2 she she was born and 8-6 when we took her home haha!)
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  • Wait until you have your next baby your LOs look like giants.

    We saw a 3 week old yesterday at my nieces DDs 1st birthday party, soooooooooooo tiny. 

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