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decorating help!

I need help with color/theme ideas for a co-ed bedroom. My DS is 4 and DD is 4 months and will eventually share since it will be a few years until our basement is finished. Any ideas?

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  • What about primary colors? My DD's bedroom is painted a light green with primary color accessories and is Alphabet themed. There are tons of ABCs and Numbers (1-10) type decorations/accessories you can get for kids rooms.

    I'm such a teacher/geek lol.

    Our sweet girl is 3!

    Lilypie - (R7Ux)

  • My nursery is done in Dr Seuss since we were team green.  I used red, blue, and yellows.  It's a pretty bright room. :-)
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  • Mine would easily be gender neutral. Don't have pics loaded yet though. It's painted SW "Hep Green" with dark wood furniture, and orange and turquoise rugs, curtains, bedding, lamps, accessories, etc. I decorated with felt owls and birds as well.
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  • Check out the Pottery Barn kids catalog.  They always have great design ideas for both boys and girls sharing a room--then you can go to Home Goods, Ross, etc (any place CHEAPER) and replicate the ideas.
    Stephanie Hsu
  • I have a hatred for theme rooms in general, but I saw a cute B/G twins room on tv. I think I was watching supernanny or something?  There were trees painted above each bed. The girl's tree had butterflies and flowers on it, and the boy's tree had a spiderweb and bugs (you could also do owls, birds, etc.) and their names were also in the trees. 

    You could do really any color walls (beige, gray, green, light blue, yellow) and keep the theme as bugs and flowers... or any "nature" things.


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