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If you use Playtex Drop-Ins.......

This is the ONE that DD will take - PRAISE THE LORD - and we think the fast flow still isn't fast enough. No, we don't want to take the scissors to the nipples ourselves...  do they come faster than 'fast'?? I didn't think so..   just checking..

Re: If you use Playtex Drop-Ins.......

  • Wow! The fast flow isn't fast enough at 3 months!? That's crazy. They make a y-cut, but that's generally only for cereal-based foods I though. http://www.playtexbaby.com/Bottles/Dropins/Cereal-Nipples
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  • Whoa! We are still on slow at 4+ months because medium is pouring out of her mouth each time we try! Can't even imagine the Fast flow...You must have one heck of a sucker :-)
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  • Ok this may sound a little silly but if you can't find any other nipples out there for the drop ins try taking a sterile sewing needle and poking it right next to the hole to make it a little bigger.
  • We tried the Y-cut and found them to actually be as slow as the "slow" nipples.

    We use medium and sometimes fast. I can't imagine the fast not being fast enough! I went to their website, and fast is indeed the fastest.

    Our sweet girl is 3!

    Lilypie - (R7Ux)

  • Yup - she is a SUCKER!!!  Lactation consultants called her a barracuda baby. And it's true. And I have one helluva letdown.. so maybe she's used to that?  Thanks anywho for checking! :)
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