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First night in the crib = mixed emotions

Well, she's doing fantastic. :) Put her down at 10:30 (which is later than usual for her but we were out), and she woke at 4, nursed for 15 minutes, and went right back down. We heard her stirring around 2, but it was for only 10 seconds.

But as you can see, it's 5 am and I'm awake. :/ I'm taking this a lot harder than I expected to!! I just can't sleep thinking about her not being in our room anymore. She looks so tiny in the crib! I didn't expect to have these feelings at all, and I'm sure I'll adjust fine to her being in her room, it's just keeping me up tonight.

No offense to those who do, but I don't really subscribe to the whole AP/cosleeping/bedsharing, so I've always known Evie would sleep in her crib in her room. I actually thought she'd be there sooner, but she was getting up so often I was too lazy to get out of bed. :) But, we decided to make the switch to see if it would help her sttn, and I think it just might. It is ultimately what I want- we want our room back for sure! But I really miss her and I can't stop thinking about how she's growing up so quickly. Ugh- I blame the dang hormones!!! :)

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Re: First night in the crib = mixed emotions

  • I'm sure there will be a lot of mixed emotions when our LO moves to the crib.  But if it's right for you and right for her, then you are doing the right thing! Give yourself a break on the emotions.  Things will definitely get easier for you!
  • Last night for our LO as well.  I also had planned on putting him in earlier but he was still getting up so much with no signs of that stopping so we just made the transition.  I actually had a hard time with it even though I was ready to get our room back, so I slept in the recliner in his room all night. Embarrassed
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  • We're also transitioning now, and I was also surprised by my emotions. Thoughts ran through my head like, "This is the farthest away I've ever slept with her!" (We actually bed-shared for six weeks, not by my choice, but because she refused to sleep anywhere but on my chest. It took so long just to get her to sleep in the RnP next to me.)

    I think I also have a little working mom guilt because I'm away from her for a chunk of the day. Then again, I was happy to let DH get up with her at 6am so I could sleep in and they could bond!
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  • I know exactly how you feel! The first night Patrick was in his crib, he went down fine, and slept all night. Unfortunately, I didn't get to sleep until almost 4am, because I was just so anxious that he would need me. It gets a lot easier, especially once they sttn. And a video monitor works wonders :)
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  • we transitioned to the crib, then we missed her so much we brought her back? it was about 2 weeks later and I decided it definitely was time. It's for the best, I think we're all more comfortable, she seems to be sleeping more soundly and longer! 

    good luck.. I definitely can relate!  

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