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Daycare issue. WWYD?

I swore I would never do a post like this, but oh well. I work the second shift most of the time (2 to 11 pm). On days that I do, I'll drop DD off at daycare around 1 and my sister picks her up around 5 and keeps her until I get off work. We love this daycare, have had no problems, and her primary teacher is wonderful. But then yesterday, when my sister went in, DD had some other baby's paci. DD is only 3 and a half months. She can pull her own paci out, but she can't put it back in yet and she's barely rolling over. So it's not like she was crawling around and picked it up and put it in herself. Someone acutally had to give her this paci. Once my sister pointed it out, they were very upset and apologetic. The primary teacher had left sick earlier in the day, and the lady in there isn't normally in the baby room. I truly understand that mistakes happen but I'm pretty freaked out over this. I'm not a germaphobe but that's still pretty gross! How would you handle this? My sister says I should talk to the director but I don't know what to say. We've also decided to get one of those clip things that attaches her paci to her bib or onsie, that way it's obvious that it's her's. Thoughts? Advice? Am I freaking out over nothing?
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Re: Daycare issue. WWYD?

  • imageSouthSideDrea:
    I'd send herin next time with a clip, but yeah, things happen.  Especially with a sub. 

    This.  I wouldn't talk to the director.  People make mistakes, it happens, and as far as mistakes go I don't see this as being all that bad, certaintly not bad enough to meet with the director.  While it is kind of gross, your child will be fine.  If it became a regular occurance then I would talk to the director.

  • Thanks ladies! We've been having issues in other areas of our life, such as custody. Sometimes it makes me get so overprotective of DD that it's hard to think rationally!
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  • imageSouthSideDrea:
    I'd send herin next time with a clip, but yeah, things happen.  Especially with a sub. 

    I agree with this. Plus, eventually she WILL be big enough to crawl around and take paci's that aren't hers  :)

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  • I know it's hard to do because they are so small, but could you find somewhere to write her initials on it?  When I worked as an infant teacher, we had small cups on the counter with each child's paci in it (if they had one) so we put it there when naps were over and just washed the cups each day.  We also wrote their initials on the pacifiers.  Then again, we asked parents to label EVERYTHING because it wasn't like the kids would be able to tell us it belonged to them. 

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    At my DC we were required to label our pacificers with initials.  It doesnt look great but who cares. Big sharpie'd initals are hard to miss.
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  • I agree with the PPs.  LO has already come down with her first stuffy nose, which she passed along to me and DH.  Yesterday she was also wearing someone else's diapers (I send her with Pampers and she was wearing Huggies.)  I just take it all in stride.  That's the trade-off when you send them to daycare, I figure ..
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  • This actually happened to us several times with DD1 only when one older lady was working.  Now what we do is tie a piece of thin wrapping paper ribbon around the handle or a whole in the paci and make sure all the teachers are aware which belongs to your LO.  Mistakes may happen again with a sub, however, they may think to question another teacher why there is a ribbon tied to it.
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  • This happened to my LO at the YMCA daycare the first day. It will probably be fine, kids aren't supposed to be there if they are sick. Germs get spread, accidents happen. I wouldn't freak out too much. 
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  • The day care I worked at, anything your baby brought in had to have their name on it.  We kept sharpie markers and put the ints on the paci's.

    I'd be grossed out too but sadly if the subs didn't know then there really isn't any one to blame if names were not on paci's.

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  • I currently work at a daycare and everything should be labeled.  Including the box/bag of diapers you bring in and clothing, bottles and paci's.  If you don't want to put first name cause you will use it for another child put the last name.
  • working in a daycare myself in the infant room I can tell you this does happen sometimes when teachers are shuffled around and don't know the kids.  However, if you do clip the paci to you DD just know that when she is sleeping the clip has to be removed so write her name on EVERYTHING in big letters or a label maker so it doesn't wear off.  Also write her name on the clip, and the paci itself.

     Being a co lead teacher in my classroom I know both myself and my partner leave before the center closes I leave at 3 and she leaves at 5 so the closer always mixes up sheets, pacis, sippy cups etc.  so if you don't want your daughters stuff to be lost or put in anopther childs mouth write her name on everything.  Buy crib sheets specifically for day care and write her name on the sheet not the tag.  also if you are going to have more than 1 baby I would suggest writing your last name on her sheets so you can use them again.  Oh and write name on bottle and bottle cap!

     Sorry so long winded and slightly off topic I just thought you should know that labels will make all the difference.

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