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I love today (AW and PIP)

So not only did little miss Louie sleep from 8pm-5:30am this morning, without even needing her pacifier, but IT'S HER LAST DAY OF DAYCARE!!!!!

H has stepped up in ways that I never even imagined. He's working at 4am now so he can watch her all day. He even emailed a couple mommy and me's to see if he can join. We may get a nanny for an hour or 2 in the morning if we need, but this is going to save us hundred and hundreds every month. Not to mention that I get so see her smiling little face every day all day!!! 

When we told Louie she was, as you can see, pumped (this may or may not be just an excuse to show the hilarious, funny face, picture I took of her yesterday)


 ps- She is now single since she broke up with her daycare boyfriend. She's very sad, but it's time to move on to more mature babies. 

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Re: I love today (AW and PIP)

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    That is really exciting news.  The picture is too cute... what a little chubber!  :-)

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    What awesome news! And she's such a cutie!
    Oh, Baby Bean! We will always miss you! With us for 6w3d -- June 9, 2008.
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    That is awesome! 

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    She will only have room for one man in her heart now. Congrats!


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    All Welcome


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    Congrats!  That picture is wicked cute!

    haha! you said wicked cute. I miss the northeast!

     And thanks everyone. It's a great day :) 

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    That is awesome! She is super adorable! I am sure she will have no trouble finding a new man...
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    I love all her chub! DS 1 had a ton of rolls and I loved them, so cute!
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