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Tucson bumpie needs recs for toddler & PG lady

Hi everyone, next week I'm heading to Phoenix with my 17 month old to spend time with my BFF who is 8 months pregnant.

I'm looking for activities or places to go that would work for all of us.  We'd like to have time to chat/hang out, but I need things to keep DD occupied as well.  So I guess stuff like museums or other things indoors that don't require a ton of walking or standing.  I know in Tucson we have a mall with a little play area for little kids, anything like that around?

We'll be in the east valley, but I don't mind driving some.

Thanks ladies! 

ETA: I checked out the websites for the Science Center and the Children's Art Museum.  Does anyone know if these would work for a 17 month old?  Or which would be more appropriate for her?

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