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kinda hate the moby.....what to try next

What do you use to carry your LO?  I'm leaning towards a ring-sling.....but I don't want to make another mistake.  I love babywearing, so I want something that will be comfortable and easy to use.  I love the moby, but have a hard time wrapping by myself. 

Hoping to order this afternoon. 



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Re: kinda hate the moby.....what to try next

  • DD hates the Moby and any other sling-like carrier. She's a big, long girl, and I think she just doesn't feel secure.

    We adore our Ergo. I really had wanted something less bulky for around the house, but it's the only carrier she likes and it works well. If she's in a drowsy but wants to be held mood, I can put her in it and she drops right off.

    We never used the infant insert, btw. Just froggied her legs (still do, she prefers it) and made sure the whole thing was snug enough to support her head. I just check her breathing to make sure it sounds normal and that I can kiss the top of her head without bending down. Works great.

  • We have the Ergo and we love it! My son never liked being wrapped and the Bjorn killed my back. He falls asleep everytime he is in the Ergo and it is really easy to put on! 

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  • I am also going to say Ergo, it is super comfortable for the babies and for us too!
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  • The moby was only good when LO was really little. Now we use the Ergo and LOVE it. It is so easy to get on/off.
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  • Okay, so anyone know where to get an Ergo CHEAP??
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  • You might like the Beco, a mei tei, or a ring sling.  They all have a learning curve, and pros/cons, but a Beco will be the easiest, as it's the most "back pack" of them all.  I have an Ergo, which I like, but it is not my go to carrier.  I have a Moby, Bali Baby wrap, and mei tei.  I go for the BB wrap, every time.  :)  Wrapping takes some learning, but there are some awesome youtube videos to help with.  If you have a local store that sells carriers, go try them out first, or check to see if you have a local babywearing group so you can borrow a few before buying.

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  • imageBeautifulSorta:
    Okay, so anyone know where to get an Ergo CHEAP??

    I have only seen a good deal on them once when they were on the baby steals website but that was just a one time thing.  Amazon has them so not sure if they are ever on sale there.  If you haven't ordered from before, they have them and your first purchase is 20% off. 

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  • I see ergos on babysteals, mamabargains, etc from time to time. I like my woven wrap a lot for around the house. DS hates the moby, but just melts in the woven.
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  • imageBeautifulSorta:
    Okay, so anyone know where to get an Ergo CHEAP??

    There was one on Spots Corner on Hyena Cart under stuff for Mama's

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  • I hated the Moby.  I couldn't get it figured out!  I do love the Ergo and the Beco Butterfly.

    In case you are interested, I did a review including my hared for the Moby:

     One thing to note is that there has been a huge influx of fake Ergos and other carriers on the market.  Please be careful.  The knock-offs are likely not made with the same level of quality which could cause safety issues.  Not worth it.

    Babysteals did have a great deal on them a few weeks ago.  Babysteals has a website called where Babysteals customers can re-sell items and their classifieds often include an Ergo or two.

  • Etsy has some great ringslings or pouches for cheap... I have the Beco and Moby but LO doesn't seem to like them very much. I put her Kangaroo carry (facing out) in a ringsling pouch and she loves it. I guess she prefers to look outwards ... hopefully she'll eventually like the Beco when I am comfortable with her on my back.

    Ringsling/pouch is super quick to put LO in which makes it really convenient for short trips/errands Big Smile

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  • I've started wearing my Babyhawk a lot more recently because DS is bigger and I love it! I tried an Ergo and liked that, too, but the ties on the Babyhawk are easier for me to do fast than adjusting the Ergo's buckles. I want to try doing back carries with him in it soon.
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  • Good idea! I'll check out! Thanks!
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