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SAHMs, how often are you away from your baby

I will admit I know I should be away from my LO more often.  I have MAYBE been apart from him 5 hours total since he was born over 3 months ago.  I work from home 1-2 days a week and my mom watches him so I am not always with him at home, but I see him a lot of that time as well.  I am having a hard time agreeing to go out and leave LO with grandparents as he still eats really often and I don't have a freezer stash due to low supply, so I need to be around whenever he gets hungry.  When I have been away it was just to run 1/2 hours worth of errands when he was home with DH. 

Just wondering if anyone else is with their baby 24/7 like me.  

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Re: SAHMs, how often are you away from your baby

  • Certainly not 24/7.  Beaker is EBF and only recently would take a bottle so I've made sure my trips away from her are short (under 2-3 hours), but I DEFINITELY take breaks from her.  Otherwise, we would all go insane.  I'm one of those people who *needs* my alone time, though.
  • I work from home, so I'm with her all day. But it's important - for you and honestly, I think for them - for you to get some time away. I leave her with DH often during the weekends - for errands, lunch w/ a friend or for a pedicure -or with my mom if we decide to have a quick date night.

    I need some recharge, alone time here and there. I think everyone does. And it's important to have time w/ just you and your partner. To connect and check in and NOT talk about the baby (or not talk ONLY about the baby.)

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  • I am not away from my baby very often--I literally have been away for an hour to get a haircut, and had 2 evenings out for dinner with friends who were visiting the area and that has been it over the past 4 months. My husband is more than willing to watch LO while I go out, but we are new to the country and I don't really know many people to go out with! We can't go out anywhere together because we don't have family close to us who can watch LO. It is really not the best situation, unfortunately. I do try to take an hour or two to myself on weekends when my husband is home to take care of LO. We also get out A LOT--I have joined every play group and mommy group I could find and try to socialize with other mothers as much as possible. I have surgery scheduled for September and that will be the first time I have been away from LO for more than a few hours and I am a bit nervous about it : ( 
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  • I'm only a SAHM during the summers, and I'm never away from the girls! I EP, so that's not the issue...I just really prefer being with them over doing anything else. I do plan on leaving them one afternoon before school starts to get a mani/pedi and even that will be painful, lol. 
  • I work from home so I am always with DS. He stayed with my mom my first day back to work because I had to go to the office that day. He also stayed with my parents twice for a few hours. One night DH and I went to dinner for our anniversary and the other we had a wedding. I EP and supplement due to low supply so I do not have to worry about him not having food. I also trust my parents and know he is perfectly safe. I just love being with him and I miss him so much when I am not with him. The night we went out to dinner, I kept telling my husband that he should be with us and it felt strange not having him with us. My friends have babies too so when we hang out, we have our babies with us. I know it is good to be away, but for right now, I do not have any plans to go out without him. I just miss him too much.
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  • Not that often.  We took the older ones to see Harry Potter over the weekend and left LO with SIL, it was the longest I ever left her (6 hours) we had dinner and the theater is about 40 min drive away (we live in the country).  I have gone to Target and left LO with DH, and a few times I ran into town and left her with oneof my older DDs.  

    It is good to have time away and I feel refreshed when I do. 

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  • I'm always with LO. It just happens that way. I do try and get out without him about 2-3 times a month. But then I miss him!
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  • DH and I have had 2 date days where we were gone 6-7 hours. On the weekend I like to try and do some running around with just me, even if it's just to go to the grocery store. One day I was gone all day with my mom shopping and going to garden stores. Too many times really to count, but not every weekend. I feel bad, but I do feel most comfortable leaving him with DH (obviously), or my mom or sister. MIL and FIL watched him once while we went grocery shopping, but he slept the whole time. For some reason he's been crying for MIL a LOT so I just feel bad leaving him with her. 
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  • I'm with him 24/7.  No reason other than there is no one else to watch him.  When my parents came to visit DH and I went to a movie, and I went to the grocery store.  A few weeks back I went to a movie by myself.  Other than that, little man goes where I go...
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  • I try to do something completely on my own about once a week or so.  I've been away for haircuts, dinner with DH, solo trips to the store, went to my high school's graduation (I'm a HS counselor), even went to see Harry Potter by myself one night after the kids were asleep.  I also try and go running 2-3 times a week and shoot for after bedtime so I can go by myself.

    I find it's really important for my sanity to step out of the "mom" role on a somewhat regular basis.  Time away helps me to relax, focus, and find balance.  It also has the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" effect.  I'm always more excited to see the kids after a little time away. 

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  • I've been away from LO more as she gets older. In the first two months, I was hardly ever away from her. we own a cafe, though, so as she's gotten older I've needed to help out here and there so... She goes to her Aunt's every other Wednesday and my MIL watches her probably once every two weeks for about 3 hours. Also, we sometimes go down to the river on sunday to go tubing with Dh's siblings and some friends, so she stays with my MIL while we're away (4 hours tops). Most of the time, however, I can take her to the cafe with me or wherever we have to go. for example, today DH has a dr appt. an hour away, then we are gong to see my sister and her new baby and then to the state fair. It would be SOOO convenient to leave DD with my MIL for the day, but... I don't have the freezer supply nor do I want to leave her for so long. I miss her so much when she's not with me. I hate it so much when I have to leave her (heck, I can't even bring myself to put her in her own room yet, and that's only 8ft down the hall!), but I know it's good for me and for her. It helps me know that other people are perfectly capable of taking care of her and it helps her know that I'll always be back soon. 
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  • I go to the gym twice a week while DH watches DS, so I'm always away from him at least that often. I'll sometimes go and run errands alone on weekends with the same set up, so DH and DS can have bonding time. DH and I rarely get away from DS together, though.
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  • Not too often do I go w/out her (and my 3 y/o son).. bc she stinks at bottle-taking. But I do like to get out for short things on the weekend, during naptimes.. shopping/pedicure/etc. Not long errands, but enough to keep me sane. :) It's not a huge deal.. it was at first, I thought I'd go nuts, but really I am finding I am too dang tired to go out and do tons of things solo in the first place!!!!!
  • I have made exactly 4 trips to the store without him since he's been born. Probably not even an hour, total.
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