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S/O STTN: where does baby sleep?

All this talk about our LOs sleeping through the night has got me thinking- do you think where baby sleeps affects whether or not they STTN? Evie's still in our room, and I wonder if she weren't would she put herself back to sleep without nursing. Where is your baby sleeping and do you think it helps/hurts STTN?
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Re: S/O STTN: where does baby sleep?

  • Andrew has been sleeping in his crib in his room since he was 12 weeks. He's never slept in the room with us, though.
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  • Crib in her own room since 4 weeks. I think it helps w/ STTN quite a bit, she is comfortable, it's quieter in there (DH snores, and frankly so does the dog). And I think we sleep better as well.
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  • LO sleeps in a crib in our room for the first 9 or 10 hours and then sleeps in our bed for the last 2 or 3. We plan to keep her crib in our room for quite a while, so I'm hoping it continues to work as well as it has. LO seems to sleep fine but our sleep does suffer slightly...
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  • Nora has only ever slept in her crib in her own room.

    I have no clue if it is truly a factor, but at 6 weeks, she was sleeping 6 hour stretches, at 8 weeks it was 8 hours, at 10 weeks it was 9-10 hours, and around 12 weeks, she jumped to 11 hours and has more or less remained there.

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  • We had DS in a co-sleeper until he was about 8 weeks old. I had planned on keeping him there longer, but he started scooting and ending up on his side up against it and I just wasn't comfortable with that, so we moved him to his crib. He sleeps much better in there. We recently spent a week on vacation and he was in a PNP in our room and he slept worse than normal. That could obviously be from a number of factors, but just for a point of reference.
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  • Crib.  And we don't always get sttn, but I learned from ds that the baby noises wake me up and I think they're hungry, even if they're not.  We typically only get up 1-2 times (sometimes like at 1 or 2 and usually at 5ish)
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  • P&p in our room. He sttn
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  • She's been in her crib since the first week we brought her home. I could  not sleep with her in the same room as us. I would wake up at every little sound she made. I think everyone sleeps easier in their own room, no matter how nice the idea of us all cuddled up in bed together sounds to me.
  • LO sleeps in her crib. She was in our room for the first 6 weeks but she is a loud sleeper (grunting, squirming & occasionally cries out in her sleep) & kept the rest of us up.
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  • Z sleeps in her RNP next to my bed, she is STTN but will wake up 2-3 times at night, I just reach over give her a paci and she is back asleep before I am. 
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  • G slept in our room in her bassinet for the first 10 weeks or so, but she was starting to rock the bassinet from moving around so much. I think the movement would startle her awake. She's been in her crib for that past few weeks now and our whole family is sleeping much more soundly!

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  • We moved LO into his room (from our room in the bassinet) at 7 weeks in conjunction with starting Baby Whisperer EASY.  The next night he STTN and we haven't looked back.

    When we've been on vacation and he's in the PnP in with us, he usually wakes up several times and it wakes me up.  He still puts himself back to sleep, but I don't sleep as well!

  • My LO slept in our room (in a playpen) until 4 weeks, when I couldn't get any sleep because he was such a noisy sleeper.  When he moved to his own room and crib he started doing longer stretches because I wasn't getting him up to feed every time he made a sound.  I think we both started sleeping much better.
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