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What's the point of cute fitteds?

Superdumb newbie question here...I'm loving all the really cute fitted diapers I keep hearing so much about (TT, GM, etc.), but I'm a little confused. Don't you have to cover up the cute print with a cover? If so, why spend the extra money? This is only my second week CDing, and I've only bought pockets, Ai2 and AIOs. I'd like to maybe try something more adventurous eventually, and they sure are cute! Plus, I live in a very, very hot climate, so wouldn't wearing a wool fitted and then a cover be too hot for DD's bum?

TIA for helping break it down for me.

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Re: What's the point of cute fitteds?

  • I don't do fitted bc DS is sensitive to natural fabrics, but a lot of people let their babies go coverless at home bc it let's the bum breathe. And I believe natural fabrics are cooler bc of the breathing issue so it shouldn't be hotter for your baby.
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  • I tend to agree with you. I'm not a big fan of fitteds anyway because I have a *very* heavy wetter on my hands.
    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • We love our fitteds, but they are not all equal.  My Sbish and GMs are great for naps because they hold a ton.  My kissas are good for semi-naked bum time during her mat time.  We don't use wool, but regular PUL covers, so they aren't any warmer than our CDs.

    I think of the cute prints like having cute panties.  Just because no one else sees it, doesn't mean that I want to wear beige granny panties everyday- a cute pair makes me happy.

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