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Moms with only school-aged kids: come in

I know I still have several years before my 1st LO even reaches school, but I am curious what your schedule looks like during the school year? At this point, I think that I'd like to remain a SAHM when all of my kids are in school.

I imagine a busy morning getting everyone up, ready and off to school, followed by some combination of errands, appointments, cleaning, meal prep, gym. Then I think I would spend a few afternoons each week volunteering at the school, one or two afternoons meeting up with friends/family, and perhaps some kind of hobby or me-time activities. Then pick up the kids and shuffle around to various activities/errands/play-dates before coming home to have dinner, spend time together, homework help.

Is this at all what your schedule is like? What does your day look like while the kids are gone and do you enjoy it?

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Re: Moms with only school-aged kids: come in

  • Only my oldest is in school, and then I'm home with my 3 yr old and soon-to-be newborn.  But, that is what I basically do with my days while DS1 is in school.  DS2 will be napping, as will the baby, and I wash/fold laundry, get dinner prepped for later, etc.  If they don't sleep, I run errands and will maybe meet up with friends for a playgroup.

    Everything you described is what I'm thinking my days will mostly consist of once they are ALL in school full time. DH and I are actually thinking of me getting a part time job.  But I'm having a hard time finding that now.  I'm thinking I may start up my own little business of cake decorating/parties. 

    I will say that I do volunteer a lot at the school (private school) and was the room parent last year. 

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  • Of course mornings are the busy part of the day but I prep everything that can get ready the night before(backpacks, clothes, part of their lunches).  Then drive them to school(Catholic school, so no buses).  Sometimes I'll meet a mom or 2 for coffee and then grocery shop, errands, laundry, clean house, meal prep.  Then leave to pick the kids up.  The kids do homework as I am cooking dinner.  My daughter takes dance so once a week we have that activity after dinner.  We are required to fulfill a minumum of 34 hours of volunteer hours throughout the school year, so throughout the school year and sometimes evenings/weekends I volunteer for the school or church.  On occasion I will meet friends for lunch during the week.  My days are never boring, there is always something that needs to be done or somewhere I need to be.

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