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And he went under....

Holy sh*****t....Colton could have drowned today.  I watch them like a hawk when they are in the pool.  I was right there at the pool edge (kiddy pool).  They walk around and play all the time and I sit on the edge.  It is less than 1 ft deep.  I stood up for a second to take off my cover-up so I could hop in and looked back down and Colton was face down and squirming.  It took me a second to figure out he was drowning.  He lost his footing and was face down and didn't know what to do.  HOLY CRAP.  I jumped in and got him.  It maybe lasted 5-6 seconds...but holy crap.  That was the scariest thing of my life.

Floaties, vests, etc. don't help.  Just a reminder you have to be right there ALL THE TIME.  I kept him up an extra two hours tonight just to make sure he is okay.  I read all the "dry drowning" stuff online and he doesn't have symptoms.  And I've checked on him every 30 minutes.

Oh my.  Scary. Scary. Scary.

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  • I'm so glad you caught him in time! That is very scary and would have scared the crap out of me too.
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  • That is very scary! I am glad all is ok. 
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  • Soooo scary!  I'm sure your heart is still pounding.  Poor little guy.
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  • Yikes!  So scary!






  • I'm glad he's okay!
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  • Oh Danielle, I am so glad he is okay! I can't imagine how scared you were!
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  • Oh my gosh! How scary!!! I'm so glad he's okay!!
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • wow, very scary- but thankful he is okay.
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  • ugh, that is so scary!  that happened to riley a couple of times last summer, it is amazing how fast it happens!  and that was exactly why we hired a mother's helper this summer because there was no way I could take 3 to the pool by myself!
  • Scary :(

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  • So scary. I am so glad you were close enough to grab him. 
  • You are right.  Flotation devices of any kind are absolutely useless in a kiddie pool because it's not deep enough to force their bodies upright again.

    This same thing happened to me with Ava a few years ago.  I was sitting on the side watching, and she and carter were playing.  She slipped and went face first and didn't know enough to put her feet down to push her head above water.  So scary.

    I'm glad Colton is OK...and I'm glad that you were close by to be able to get him in time. 

  • So glad he is OK!!!  How very scary!!!

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  • What a scare!  Glad everything is ok! 
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  • What a scare!  Glad everything is ok! 
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  • Oh my gosh, that is so scary!  I'm glad you were right there to get him and he is ok!!!!
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  • That is scary. I am glad you were right there to grab him.
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  • I'm so glad he is ok! I have had to do that with Owen too, they just don't know to put their feet back down. And Owen still has a hard time remembering to keep his mouth closed in the water. It about scared me to death though to see him face down in the water like that. Ugh!

    There was an article that was passed around at the beginning of summer on Decaturmama about drowning doesn't look like the movies. I don't know if anyone posted it here. Essentially its that drowning is usually silent and that the victim isn't splashing around trying to stay afloat. We have heard about two little kids almost drown this summer. A friend of ours saved one at a neighborhood pool with water slides. The parents let a 8 year old bring a 2 year old (that doesn't swim) to the pool by themselves. Even the lifeguard didn't notice this little boy go under. Thank goodness our friends were standing there watching their kids.

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  • imagehthomas02:
    ugh, that is so scary!  that happened to riley a couple of times last summer, it is amazing how fast it happens!  and that was exactly why we hired a mother's helper this summer because there was no way I could take 3 to the pool by myself!

    Glad he is okay! It is very difficult when you are watching 2 or more. The first time Kya went under I paniced but didn't show it... she bounced up looked at little scared but when she saw me smiling she began to laugh. I then told her she did great and told her what to do when that happens again. And everytime we are at the pool this summer she has gone under and does as I told her.. doesn't panic and loves it.

    I watched a small 3 year old this summer from London swimming like a fish. Me and his parents discussed how they went about teaching him and he had some classes. But seriously watching this little boy diving and everything made me realize I must get my babies in swim classes. Especially since we will be in Bermuda next summer and I plan on frolicking in the blue ocean every dang day !!

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  • On the fourth of July, the four of us were at the pool.  DH and I were commenting on how few lifeguards were there, given how many people were there, and there was a party going on.  As I was saying the words, "yeah but its up to the parents to watch their kids, too", Evie lost her footing standing on the edge of the pool and went head first into a 3.5 foot area right in front of us.  Liam was in my arms and there was NOTHING I could do.  Thank God my husband was there, he grabbed her ankle and pulled her out.  We sort of acted like it was NBD, but inside we were shaken.   She was freaked out because she went under water, but she was really ok.  

    If I had been alone, I would have been screwed.  And not one lifeguard noticed what happened, or if they did no one asked if she was ok.   I do not rely on lifeguards at all.

    The next weekend, Evie got a puddle jumper and finally started to wear something. I still watch her like a hawk, but at least if she falls in again and DH is at work, she will hopefully be able to buoy back up. 


    Anyhow, I'm glad Colton is ok.  I know how scary that is.   

  • Oh my God, I'm sure your heart was beating out of your chest! Thank goodness he is ok.
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